Kim Kardashian: Being Snubbed by the Hollywood Elite?

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The Kim Kardashian Vogue cover may have been a dream come true for this former sex tape star.

But becoming a member of the Hollywood elite has proved to be a nightmare for this amateur porn actress.

According to the following video report, Kanye West is doing all he can to beg and plead with fellow A-Listers, asking them to accept his baby mama as part of their exclusive clique.

So far, so not good for the rapper, however. Kim continues to be snubbed when it comes to big-time parties and events:

This famous couple, of course, has its own exclusive event to plan.

The Kimye wedding is scheduled for May 24 in Paris, with sources saying Kardashian and West (and/or their sponsors) will be shelling out $75,000 per guest.

Among those guests, meanwhile, will be Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Unless, that is, these folks decide to snub Kim by not attending her wedding.

And could you really blame them for taking this approach? They can always stop by the next one anyway.


The snubbing is more likely due to Kanye than Kim. He has a rather ugly personality-arrogant, self-serving and fake. Why Kim ever took up with him, much less had a baby by him, will become her eventual downfall. Personally, I think the Kardashian women are an embarrassment to most decent people.


Kim is just old news her 15 minutes are over........ she is to mannish for hollywood! Kim got a blowjob and boob job all in the same 15 minutes! Fake is called fake for a reason because it looks fake! Kim is over 30 and time goes by so fast before you know she'll be in her 40's she'll never grow up she acts like she's 21 she has a son why she obviously doesn't want to be a mother! And running around naked who is she trying to impress no ones impressed their in shock at how awful she looks.... she's just making a fool of herself you can't see yourself so that's the problem plus she's nuts! Narcissist psycho


I thought Will Smith didnt like the Kardashians!


Kimye it is no longer cute for you to start everything about you with a K when you are over 30 years of age! Get a grip on the real world would ya?!


Okra , Ryan and Will and jada hollywood elite??? and Beyonce already said she wasn't going to show up so Kimye could exploit her and her kid for ratings on Kims sh-tt reality show-they should RSVP and then no show so that the E! channel has to shell out the cash and then has no footage to exploit-and maybe they can stop shoving the kartrashians in everyone's faces


Kim is just a old hoe!!! Screw her way up the line!!!


Money and bullying will not get you invited to A-list functions. They must still be angry they were not invited to the big Oscar parties. Also, throwing millions at a OTT wedding will not get you there either. The only thing it can do is leave a big hole in your pocket. Guess the Vogue cover wasn't enough. Maybe it's time to quit trying so hard, it might work better.


Kim & her Family have accomplished nothing but make money and pimp their souls for a buck....Kanye showed what a "Dick" he was when he up-staged Taylor Swift....neither of them should be invited into the company of "Decent Folk"!!!


no one wants either one of them. to crazy kanye and hoe kim.


Not surprised she and her family are snubbed by A-listers, but surprised Kanye isn't snubbed by them too. They're all a bunch of freak wannabes with little talent to grant them any kind of rank.

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