Kenya Moore: Still Playing Victim, Holding Breath For Porsha Williams Apology

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore says in a new interview that she's considering leaving the Bravo reality show after her last weekend's brawl.

She wants to stop the violence, and is just too far above the fray to be victimized by someone on TV like that, or so she believes in her own head.

"We all agree that we don't condone violence," Moore told the AP. "We've become angry with each other, we've threatened each other and gone to the edge."

"But at the end of the day, we know there's a line," she adds of getting beat down by Porsha Williams. "If there are no consequences, where does it end?"

During part one of the hit Bravo series' always-combative reunion special, the two arch-nemeses were hurling insults at each other left and right.

As the beef escalated, Williams finally lost it, stood up and threw Moore down by her hair, dragging her across the floor before security broke it up.

Andy Cohen later recalled the epic melee on an episode of Ask Andy and condemned it, describing the fight as "gross." But he interestingly did add:

"To me, it came out of nowhere. The other women felt like Kenya provoked [Porsha] a bit ... I was so shocked and surprised. I don't want that to happen."

We'd agree that she was egged on considerably, wouldn't you? Watch:

Moore can talk all she wants about rising above violence, but to bring props on stage and put on a show with the sole purpose of goading someone?

We're not saying Porsha should've attacked her, but we do understand. There's only so much you can poke the bear without getting mauled, honestly.

Kenya doesn't see it that way, to say the least. On the contrary, in fact.

"I think Porsha was in a position to provoke me," she told the AP. "It's just very unfortunate and sad. If I was in her position, the first thing I would do is apologize."

Good luck with that. While sources have suggested that Kenya would drop the charges if Porsha took the blame in public, we don't see it happening.

Williams, for her part, turned herself in to the Fulton County Sheriff on battery charges, after a warrant was issued for her arrest in the TV attack.

"If anyone is capable of blacking out and not taking responsibility for their actions, they should not be in this type of environment," Moore added of Williams.

"They do not need a stage such as this."

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From the beginning of this reunion, Porsha,Phaedra,& Nene came for Kenya’s blood. They fired gutter insults at Kenya. She had three women bullying/provoking her at this reunion. Yet, she remained calm.
Kenya was violently attacked by Porsha. She never used the scepter or megaphone to fight off Porsha’s attack. When you attack someone, there are consequences.


Kenya u haven't apologized too us Bravo viewers for hiring Walter to "play" ur boy friend u have a lot d%m nerves & how u used that "charity" to get a NeeNee if anyone "needs" to apologize its YOU...


Im soooo glad Porsha did what she did!! For Bravo to let Kenya do all that disrespecting on the reunion show was uncalled for..Noone should fault Porsha..and its not ghetto and its not out of character its defending herself..Im sorry words hurt..and to sit there to be called a hoe amongst other things was very mean and your asking for a fight!! Im sorry but when was it going to end with Kenya and her bullying and she still doesn't understand she was the one that provoked the situation..I can't stand Kenya she needs to grow up!!


Kenya was wrong for provoking Porsha, stating that she will drop the charges if Porsha publicly apologize. What planet is she from. She is more wrong than Porsha, for calling her dumb. All season she played the innocent one, not doing anything wrong. Too much DRAMA. I am not saying Porsha wasn't wrong she was, for allowing this to happen. She too need to examine her actions as well. Allowing someone to cause her to act out of character.


Kenya Moore doesn't have anything for anyone to be jealous of. She's running all around town playing the victim and begging for a public apology when she is the first one who needs to apologize. She needs to grow up, take her medicine, and sit back and observe how normal people interact with each other. From the first day she joined the show, she has been nasty, pompous, and broke. She used Nene's name to throw a charity masquerade ball under the guise that she was doing it for charity and didn't give the charity a dime. The only charity she was trying to support was her own. She is extremely jealous of all the women on the show and believe me there is a good reason why she is still ALONE. She claims she has no problem getting dick, but since she's been on this show she hasn't managed to get any even from Apollo whom she's been chasing since day one. Apollo may not know what to say out of his mouth, but he's not lying when he says he could've hit that. Kenya needs to realize that she has real problems when it's so bad that people will believe that you faked a dogs death for ratings. Her character is very flawed and I'm sure that the Ms. USA world wishes that she would stop referring to the fact that they made such a huge mistake by crowning someone like her Ms. USA. Put her on a boat with a bunch of sailors and she will be right at home. The only thing left for her to do to redeem herself is to publicly apologize to the entire cast and Porsha and then leave the show. While most of us don't condone violence, we can see and do understand how that situation got to the point and I don't believe that anyone can really say how they would react if they were subjected to a situation like the one she created. Stop playing the victim, get yourself some help, and do better.


I am moved to write in defence of Kenya Moore who everyone hates with a passion out of jealousy.
Yes! Miss Kenya dont filter her words, agreed, that is evident that her heart is pure, she says it as it is but also respecting other. Nene hates her because she cant dominate her so she humiliate her at any given opportunity, phedra hates her because she knows her hubby is drawn to her and she is scared (you know those women who is afraid to deal with her man instead hates the woman he is drawn to) Kenya has her own peculiar ways of dealing with things which is very innocent, contrary to general belief but it's alway seen wrongly. Kenya is a very inteligent, eloquent, educated, strong and classy woman who defends and works hard for all she is and owns. Coming into reality as a single lady with a dispitful B.F didn't introduce miss USA very well.
Porsha came into reality life as a married woman, painting a perfect almost enviable lifestyle which she quickly showed off in a provoking way to so called MISS USA who struggles with a sensless BF, the divorce not only expose her fake and unstable life it also made the world look at her delusional real self, this international disgrace was too much so she claimed the ex is gay but ppl didnt buy that, Cynthia's hubby went out of his way to find out the truth and as always someone must pay for that exposed info and Kenya is an easy target walked right into a ticking bomb.
Kordell Stewart's ex-wife was taking prescribed pills to deal with depression following their divorce and painkillers for her recent boob job… she is publicly reduced to nothing still in stupor but kenya was the target to pour out all her frustration on.
She would have more than enough ppl to fight on love and hip hop. That is her final set up. Watch and see the real porsha will manifest. Pressure and problems do not make you, they only show you your realself, kenya was publicly been humiliated by porsha during the children's charity thing she organise, she told kenya to leave and go back to the street corner she belong, that was the real porsha, but karma is exposing a non sensitive human.
Even Kenya's statement subtly digs at Porsha, touting Moore's own intelligence and casting herself above the fray - not that she couldn't take Williams. She's been trained by Israeli special forces in self-deopfense, Kenya claims, and can take anyone down in three moves. She just chose not to here.
I apologise to KENYA women are really hatefull when they live well and another struggles, thank God for Karma.
I DO NOT CONDON VIOLENCE. Be strong Miss Kenya, God will bring a man that will love you and you shall smile with your children.

@ Lady+Blessed

Wonderfully said...BRAVO!!!..

@ Lady+Blessed

How can you support Kenya, You must be just like that evil, dirty, bitch. Anybody that can't see that is a lying Ho, is in her same category. Playing the victim after she starts the mess in the first place. She's just mad that she got her ass beat on national television for everyone to see. After she starts something, she gets the worst end of if, and then cry foul, she wants sympathy. Get, that old drag queen ho off the show. twirl your old ass somewhere and sit it down, before you get knock down again.

@ Lady+Blessed

Stop lying to her. God does not condone anything that she has done and never will. He will not send her a man, nor give her a child, not in the mental state that she is in. Pray that she gets some much needed help and then her situation may change. Leave that karma card alone, because the death of her dog may have been karma for her.

@ Lady+Blessed

What planet are you from? God will not bless her with a man because she's trying to steal everybody else's. duh


I understand the drama needed in the name of good program ratings, however, RHOA viewers know that Kenya has publicly hurled all types of insults at Porsha & Phaedra, which Includes playing games with Phaedra's husband (who has shown total disrespect for his wife and children by being a genuine airhead in allowing Kenya to giggle and flirt with him to upset his wife. Just how stupid and insensitive is that?). Kenya has spoken of violence being unacceptable after being taken to task for all the venom she's spewed.
What she needs to understand is what she's done to these women through public ridicule is more painful than losing a few hair extensions. If Kenya is allowed to stay, her next prop should be a muzzle over her mouth.

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