Kenya Moore: Did She Fake Dog's Death on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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First she gets assaulted by Porsha Williams, and now this!

Yes, Kenya Moore has been embroiled in all kinds of strange drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but her latest episode may be her weirdest yet.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 21, Kenya revealed that her beloved dog - a seven-year-old yorkie named Velvet - had died.

Tragically, it was viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog. It was heartbreaking stuff, and the ladies even had a full-blown dog funeral for Kenya's departed pooch.

As if somber piano music and a giant flower wreath for a dog funeral weren't strange enough, this story has taken a bizarre twist as Kenya has been accused of faking Velvet's death!

That's right - a popular Internet rumor states that Kenya's dog is alive and living with her friend, Brandon DeShazer.

DeShazer tweeted several photos of the dog in what appeared to be his home shortly after the episode, leading to speculation that Kenya enrolled Velvet in the Puppy Protection Program so that she could soak up some sympathy!

DeShazer denied the allegation and issued a statement saying, "Anybody who has pets knows the kind of love you develop for them. To report that something like that would be staged … it’s disgusting."

Kenya has yet to respond to the rumor, but said through a friend that she considers the accusations "evil."

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Lara jon

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Kenya states that her neighbor dog killed Velvet, my question is will Kenya or have Kenya press charges on the neighbor. Who is the neighbor?
She called the police on Porcha immediately and why haven"t she exposed the owner of the dog.


Does Andy not have any responsibility for the upheaval on the reunion. He allowed Kenya to appear with her stupid props. A megaphone!! You are at fault ANDY!!


Kenya faked the death of that dog, I believe it.


Hard to believe the mentality of some people. Kenya the ladies on RHWOA have not been nice to you since day 1. Nene have never been cynthia's friend. She got her on RHWOA so Cynthia would forever feel she owe her.


Porsha dumb ass...need to do jail time!! Kenya too bad that broke bitch can't be sued!!

@ Jane Doe

Porsha doesn't need jail time, she is the real victim, Kenya is a real BULLY. She can get a lawyer and sue Kenya on stand my ground against Kenya and there is film from this season to prove it, that Kenya was a bully.


Kenya, all those haters are just jealous of your beauty, accomplishments and your great personality and sense of humor!!!! God is going to bless you with a wonderful man, that you soo deserve and family that you so long for! Stay strong and beautiful! Dont let those haters and envious people bring you down! You watch, soon you will have it all! May Velvet rest in peace! You gave her a good life and lots of love and soon you will have a baby to give it all to!

@ AzGoddess

It's strange that you can only have the love of a DOG and can't find the love of a real MAN after 25years plus!! Velvet left because she/he was tried of the B@##Sh%@ too.!Kenya the only real person in left in you're life is Miss Queen Bee himself .Can't remember the name he's a hair stylist, dresses very well want's to sing but Kandes saw thru that also!!. I think the name is Miss J??maybe. It's sad when money can't buy a sturdy live man or escort full time.

@ mickey

Ms. Lawrence


I feel for Kenya as anyone who has ever had and loved a pet to see her in tears brought me to she would not lie about Velvet as she loved her. Kenya may have said things in the past but to watch her struggling to have what so many people take for granted being a mother and having a family be COMPASIONATE...I know how she feels I had a fur baby in the 8 yrs trying to have a baby. Kenya listen to your Aunt when she gave you those comforting words that God is making room for you and you will have a baby. If you read all the post today take this with you. You are a warm beautiful person who loves and took such good care of sweet Velvet for 7yrs of her life...not your fault the she was on the other side of the gate. If I could I wish I could hug you but just take to heart that your Aunt's words are like honey and true. To everyone who watches this show I watch it because Kenya I can relate too not physical but from the inside a hard childhood and longing for a family. I have that now and I often in the past dealt with my problems through using my looks but I see through that and I understand that's what draws me in and feel I can relate. Kenya sorry for your loss and just remember how much joy Velvet gave you.


Kenya we so sorry to hear about your loss we know how hard it is to loose something you love may god heal your pain well pray for you boo


believe it or not, she ate him.

@ Mister+Baja

Velvet is a SHE not a he!

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

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