Kendall Jenner Cornrows Pic Tweeted by Marie Claire, At Center of Race Debate

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Kendall Jenner may not be posing in underwear in the following photos, but she's still stirring up controversy.

The 18-year old was recently photographed in cornrows by Marie Claire, which proceeded to Tweet the following picture of the reality star and include with it a caption that describes the look at "epic" and "bold."

Kendall Jenner Braids Photo

Of course, donning cornrows is neither epic nor bold for many in the African-American community… and they let the magazine hear it via Twitter soon after the image went viral.

"Why don't you go to an elementary school with black girls & tell me once again how Kendall Jenner started cornrows as a trend?,” wrote one user, while another added:

"Bold. New. EPIC! If only @marieclaire called any of the millions of brown and black girls rocking braids these terms with regularity."

In this case, of course, Marie Claire is at the center of the scandal more than Kendall.

Still, Jenner is no stranger to controversy in the fashion world. May we remind you of this NSFW photo of Kendall Jenner exposing her boobs?

Sound off now: What do you think of Kendall in cornrows?


Whites in the media did this same mess with Bo Derek like back in the 70s. Cornrows are not new! Africans have been doing cornrows for centuries now! So just stop the madness! And the Kardashians 15 minutes of fame is done, give it a rest with them already! People are sick of hearing about them almost everyday!


She always looks like she just got out of the shower so fresh and clean


If u don't like her quit following her


I'm African American and I've never heard of corn rows only being for African Americans. People criticize because she's famous and has the misfortune of being Kris Jenner's daughter and Kim Kardashian's sister. I just mentioned them cause I don't like them, but I like the rest of the fam! If it wasn't a Kardashian/Jenner issue, people would've been so pissed off when Bo Derrick did it in the 70's/80's. They would've also had a huge problem with Justin Timberlake doing it in 1999/2000. I just say, keep your head down, Kendall and focus on yourself and your career. There are way too many people concerned with what you're doing and not doing right. F them all and do you! Team Kendall!!!


Why is this news? All manner of terrible and not so terrible things going on in the world, but HG always shoving some Kardashian/Jenner non-story down our throats!


What do you expect her sisters are all mud shark pigs, she is obviously gonna follow suit n get her a blue gummed buck as well

@ Sancho

Racist asshole

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