Kendall Jenner Ass Photo Blows Up Instagram, Stakes Klaim to Kardashian Throne

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This photo of Kendall Jenner defies description.

It's one of those pictures that comes along every so often which are truly worth a thousand words, although if you had to, you could also sum it up in five:

Wow. Look at that ass.

Kendall Jenner Butt

We'd feel bad saying that if she were a regular kid or even if she made some half-assed plea for privacy like sister Kylie, but she put this out there.

Posing the image of herself after a zipline adventure in skin-tight attire, she had to be going for just the reaction you had when you laid eyes on it.

Girl knows what she's doing. We follow hook, line and sinker.

Inappropriate and overexposed? Debatably. The product of a gorgeous young woman trying to take social media by storm? Likely. The next Kim Kardashian?

Definitely. Sorry Kim. The torch is ready to be passed here.

Those buns on Kendall are world-class by any measure, and she wants to flaunt them on Instagram so all of us know it. Preferably on the daily.

Haters gonna hate (not as hard as when she rocks epic cornrows, but still hate), fans gonna fawn all over her, and the rest of us? We are just witnesses.

But it's her world, THGers. Take heed. Watch the throne.

And click through more Kendall Jenner photos below:


Is she a virgin? Did she nasty with her hs boyfriend?


The straps are pushing her but up to make it look big


Well they are like their older sisters fame whoress for no reasons but showing their azzs then cry for privacy and being left aloan.Selena started hanging around them she needs to stay away from them and Beiber their useing her for press..Whore mom probably told them to do that..


say 'Thanks' to wanking america...............


You guys are really annoying

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