Katy Perry-Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors: Rekindled at Coachella!

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Katy Perry has been spotted hanging out with Robert Pattinson at Coachella, fueling rumors once again that the two good friends are ... more than that.

The Sun (UK) reports that following her split from John Mayer and the end of Rob's romance with Kristen Stewart, they've become closer than ever:

"The pair had a fling a year ago but they went their separate ways after John wooed Katy back and Kristen made it clear she that still wanted her co-star."

But things have gone cold with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since, as we know, with them both deciding it’s time to move on. Enter Katy Perry?

“Katy and Rob are the best of friends with a very strong sexual chemistry. They care a lot about each other but have always been careful not to upset Kristen."

“But Kristen’s off doing her own thing and accepting it’s time to move on. Katy and Rob have been hanging out all weekend and making plans for Easter, too."

“Friends genuinely want to see them get it together properly."

"They think they bring out the best in each other.”

Whether or not these quotes are real or pure celebrity gossip, bookies in the UK have set the odds on the couple getting together at better than 2:1!

"Kristen Stewart doesn’t seem to be getting a look-in. It is 7:4 for R-Patz and Perry to confirm they’re an item by the end of 2016 and 6:1 for Rob to put a ring on Katy’s finger.”

In other news, UK bookies are our heroes for even trying to handicap this. They need to run some odds on future Taylor Swift boyfriends next.

For more Rob, check out his new Maps to the Stars trailer. For more from Coachella, scroll through our awesome gallery of celebrity pics below ...


I have read that they have been friends for years and if they are a couple that's their business but I don't think they make a good couple. whatever best to both of them


Good For them


Who cares!!!


Another Englishman? Hope this works better for her. I don't see him as the hunk others do, but he's seems a nice loyal guy. Not sure how the Katy-Kristen friendship will go?

@ Spare+Me

I know, another Brit, right? But he seems to be way classier than Russell. Also, Katy is such a Kristen look-alike (except in the bosom area, of course!!)

@ lol

Katy and Kristen don't look at all alike to me. Katy has a soft, rounded face and Kristen has more of a lean bony face structure. Kristen looks beautiful-gorgeous at her best whereas Katy looks more cute-pretty (augmented by goofy wigs of course). I'm not an artist so don't know about these things in any sort of professional way, that's just my strong amateur impression. You are dead-on about Rob being way classier than Russell, which I guess might be expected with a silly comedian in the mix. Katy and Rob might be a compatible couple -- if they don't ruin their close friendship in the process of "upgrading" it to intimate romance. That can be dangerous territory!

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