Kate Upton vs. Cameron Diaz: Who Would You Rather...

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Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz star in the new movie The Other Woman.

And, let's face it, both are total knockouts who have given men around the globe plenty of reasons to drool.

For Upton, it was this cat dance; for Diaz? Well, she thinks all women are kind of lesbians.

So while this The Other Woman review isn't totally positive, no one can find any faults with the women at the center of the comedy.

Now comes the hard part, guys: imagine some fantasy world where you could only sleep with Diaz or Upton. Close your eyes, keep your hands where we can see them and decide which you would prefer to pork now:

And the Winner is?

Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton star in The Other Woman. Which woman would you prefer to plow? View Poll ยป

Who would we choose?

Sorry, Cameron. You'd come out on top in most of these battles, but come on...


Kate Upton is hot. But, she does not have the maturity that Cameron Diaz has. I like women who are a little older and more experienced than those who just started entering adulthood such as Kate Upton and Selena Gomez.


Never thought Cameron was one bit pretty. Big mouth.....


Silly poll seeing as they're not even of the same generation...


Cameron is one of the plainest, homely woman in Hollywood. Right up there with Niki M. Gwyneth Paltrow Goofy Gaga, and a bunch of the older broads. Ann Hecht is another one who should be crossed off the list.


Seriously!? How is this even a reasonably fair question...isn't Diaz about TWENTY years OLDER!!???


Who would I rather.....? Someone really hot (which is neither Kate nor Cameron)


diaz is a dog without 3 pounds of makeup


no doubt, cameron for sure.


Who would you rather...pork??? Really, what's the point of this? Slow day at the news office???

@ Andrea

No, it's a valid question.
And a very difficult one for me. Youth & world class boobs? Or sexy, fit, hard body?
I think I need to test drive each before I can make my final decision ;-)

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