Kate Upton: I Looked Fat In The Other Woman!

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Men and women alike might want Kate Upton's body, but it seems that when the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl looks in the mirror, she doesn't see the curvy model of perfection that the rest of like to ogle.

FIrst there were rumors that Kate hates her giant boobs (Blasphemy!) now she's hating on herself for not bringing her bikini A-game to her new film, The Other Woman.

Asked about a scene in the movie in which she shows off her famous beach body, Kate explained, "Of course, I always try to live a healthy lifestye, but that was my birthday week. So that was the least healthy I've ever been. I just turned 21."

Oh, Kate. We love you, but there's so much to hate in that quote:

First of all, must you remind us that in addition to being insanely hot, you're also a world-famous millionaire at 21? 

Second, that's the least healthy you've ever been?! Most 21-year-olds spend their birthday weeks guzzling 60,000 calories worth of malt liquor and they end up with the sizable beer guts to prove it.

So, Kate, basically you're upset because in your mind you looked slightly less perfect than usual?! That's like Warren Buffett complaining that he feels broke because he's down to his last billion.

Well, apparently even the most flawless among us can be hard on themselves at times, but we think we have the solution to Kate's self-esteem problem.

Kate, any time you find yourself doubting your goddess-like mega-hotness, just re-watch the video below:


If it wasn't for her boobs she wouldn't have a career just saying besides that she's pretty average looking but not a pretty sight without her makeup her face is full of acne without her makeup

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Though Ms. Upton isn't bad looking, she's certainly overrated. Her face is cute and perky enough, but without character or classic bone structure - a dime a dozen. Her body is (to be straightforward) chunky. By the time she hits her mid-30s, she's going to be a Hindenburg. I really don't see what it is that is making this chick so photographed.


I agree with Sammy. I don't want Kate Upton's body. I am far from perfect, but I have a better body than her. This goes to show the brainwashing by the media when someone is famous, this article quoting her amazing body and how we all want it. She is average at best. She doesn't have much of a body except big boobs. I see women daily with better bodies, they just don't pursue modeling or internet cat daddy videos.


I'm sorry but I don't want her body. I have a better figure than her. She is absolutely gorgeous, there is no denying that. But from the chest down, she's frumpy. Her midsection is so bizarre. She doesn't have a waist. She could never do high fashion because you have to be able to fit into a certain size and she would not cut it. If she just works out and tones, she'd be amazing! It's just funny because guys will make fun of other random girls for having muffin top or having a flabby tummy but they think it's great on Kate Upton lol. Her breats definitely are her saving grace.


She must be a really shallow and superficial person to say the things she said. She knows she is beautiful and iis trying to sound humble. Just comes across as arrogance to me !


Sweetheart, everybody looks fat next to Cameron Diaz! LOL


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