Karrueche Tran Runs From Rihanna in West Hollywood!

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Chris Brown is in jail at the moment, but just because he's locked up doesn't mean the hot-tempered singer can't create drama on the outside. 

Two of Chris' exes nearly had a run-in last at a Hollywood nightclub.

Karrueche Tran (who may or may not still be dating Brown) narrowly avoided confrontation when she and her friends bolted from the club upon learning that Rihanna had arrived with her entourage. 

Reportedly, Rihanna is dating Drake so it seems unlikely that she's still so hung up on Chris that she would start beef with Karrueche.

Even, so RiRi's temper is alomost as notorious as Chris', so Tran and company may have done the right thing by playing it safe.

Besides, maybe Tran wasn't afraid of a physical confrontation and just wanted to avoid partying with her ex's ex. Even semi-celebrities like Karrueche probably hate awkward situations like that.

While a cat fight between Rihanna and Karrueche would've been hugely entertaining, we're glad they're just avoiding each other like grownups.

If they started clawing each other's eyes out, it would only be yet another boost to Breezy's already enormous ego. 

Brown and his bodyguard are scheduled to stand trial for assault on April 17. No word on whether or not Drake plans to head back to Canada for a while following Brown's release. 


I am sure K. Tran is not on Rihanna's mind. K. wants to be relevant. Like Rihanna said. CB is her problem now.

@ brenda

K.t goes to a party/shop/visits friends etc... She gets photographers following her. So what if she throws in an occasional smile? it's not called posing or trying to steal the limelight. The media make her relevant. Hardly her fault.


Good on Kae for handling this maturely. Why would anyone be scared of rihanna?! Seriously people take a break from Rihanna's ass.


Who told you the she normally send Melissa to do her dirty work? The so called Kae is always riding on Rihnna's back for fame


Karrueche left because she would've gotten kicked out regardless . Just as she did in New York before the new year . Rihanna run this !


she forgot to take her Magnum with her...............


don't believe everything you hear people


@Tyler johnson you seem like a rihoe stan, because your bashing kae alot in this article. No one is scared of a wanna be thug/thot... who bullies her own fans.

@ Esha

rihanna's actually known to be the most known celeb who communicates with her fans on the daily And always supporting them. whether it be aiding funds for a fans funeral to buying fan art! she even dm's them and wishes them happy birthday so...… wut r u even saying?!


Why does the media and her fans want to label Rihanna as somebody that other women are suppose to be scared of. I know she likes to bully people she thinks are scared of her, but seriously. Maybe Kae toilok the mature way and left the club because of the bull like this. Maybe she was leaving anyways, but it's ridiculous to suggest she's scared of Rihanna.

@ shay

U r right #Shay she isn't someone to be afraid of n yes kae might as well be the mature n this B's blog is horrible wrong

@ Taylor Cox

Agreeded I dont think anyone is scared of rihanna she is an internet thug, and usually sends melissa to do her dirty work.

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