Justin Bieber Overdose, Crazy Partying: What Will Selena Gomez Spill?

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According to the latest issue of Life & Style, Justin Bieber is lucky to be alive.

An insider tells the tabloid that Bieber hosted a party at his Calabasas mansion a few months ago and “overdosed on sizzurp,” downing twice as much of this dangerous concoction as usual.

"His friends put him in cold water to revive him. Then they made him throw up," the anonymous source alleges.

Selena Cover Story

This startling revelation, meanwhile, is just one of several stories that Selena Gomez may reveal to the world under oath.

The singer has been subpoenaed to give a deposition in the ongoing lawsuit filed against Bieber by a photographer who claims Bieber kicked him in the stomach.

What will Selena tell prosecutors?

That question, and its possible answers, have Bieber's camp very afraid.

Sources say Bieber nearly went to rehab for his hard partying, drinking and smoking - and that Gomez may expose some embarrassing secrets when asked by opposing counsel.

She knows way too much that could get him in trouble,” someone close to Selena tells Life & Style. “She knows all about his late-night parties filled with weed and alcohol that usually went until nearly 6 a.m."

If you'll recall, Bieber FLIPPED OUT during his own deposition a few weeks ago, wagging his finger in the face of an attorney and telling to never ask about Gomez again.

Now we may know why.

Let's relive that ridiculous behavior by Bieber, shall we?


i believe they should leave justin and selena alone, why can't they just be left alone and be happy. they love eachother let them love then. if all you people are so jealous then go find your own boyfriend and girlfriend that you truly love, then i want someone to try and make up rumors about cheating drugs and stupid shit to try and make yall break up, its obvious NOBODY can seperate these to they're inseperable, and NOBODY can change that okay? they're happy, leave them alone, think about it, what if it were you? let them be happy and love one another just cause they're famous doesn't mean you have to ruin their relationship. whatever happens, happens between them they will learn from their mistakes and be happy one day with or without eachother, why can't yall just be happy for this couple that love eachother. i just don't get it, honestly.

@ alexa johnson

You will never go far defending Justin and Selena. Grow up from them! How old are you? 12? Gosh. Move on.


Baby Justin Bieber is the richest-LOSER I have ever heard of.

@ Jim Kendall

if Justin bieber is a loser then I wonder, how do you describe yourself?


question:do we care anyway?
answer: No, not at all. (btw. an overdose aspirine?)

@ Mister+Baja

Sizzurp is codeine, genius.

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