Justin Bieber Gets New Tattoo Two Weeks After Swearing Off Ink: What Is It?

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We've already showed you Justin Bieber's tattoos and speculated that the troubled singer might be addicted to ink. Justin seemed to agree, tweeting that he was done getting new tatts for a while  - a pledge that lasted all of two weeks.

Justin tweeted the above photo over the weekend to show off the new art on his neck which reads "Patience." We won't even get into the irony of an entitled young star who gets everything he wants with the quickness extolling the virtues of patience.

Instead, we'll just point out that the Biebs can't be beliebed and remind Justin that he better slow it down with the body art or he'll run out of real estate before he's old enough to drink.

Justin's dad Jeremy Bieber has a number of tattoos himself and Justin credits his pops with inspiring his longtime love affair with the ink gun.

Of course, many in Justin's camp feel Jeremy is a bad influence and largely responsible for the singer's recent troubles, but hey, at least father and son are bonding!

There's no official work on exactly how many tatts Justin is sporting these days, all we know is that every time he takes his shirt off (which he does often) it seems he's sporting a new patch of black ink.

Check out the gallery below for a run-down of Bieber's tattoos and tell us what you think: does Justin need to cool with the ink?


Justin looks good no matter what stop hating he's a human. He has feelings too. How would you like it if you got about 100 tweets a day saying how much you suck and that your gay and all this other kind of stuff he get every single day. It's just not right you guys just aren't good people you think that you guys are cool to make fun of someone and do this kind of stuff and it's not. Justin deserves better than to get bullied everyday. I bet your not perfect either we are all human we all make mistakes.


He's on his way out...Buh bye biebs


hey he look good in tats to me


his brains aren't working any longer?

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