Justin Bieber Chills on Yacht, Tries to Look Hard

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Justin Bieber is just so hard, people.

And it's not just because of these 11 tattoos etched all over the singer's body.

It's because he sits on yachts! Without a shirt on! And stares seriously into the camera while posting the image on Instagram!

That's what Bieber did yesterday, at least, making female followers drool by putting the following photo on the Internet:

Justin Bieber on a Yacht

Of course, while we can merely stare at Justin Bieber shirtless, it's becoming more and more evident these days that Selena Gomez is touching the real thing.

The former couple has been spotted out and about on multiple occasions, mostly recently meeting up in Miami for a possibly drunken night of fun.

And who knows what else?!?

Selena must like arrogant douchebags who rub their rich lifestyle in the faces of their fans, huh? Hey, everyone's got a type.

But while we do judge Bieber's life choices these days, we can't judge his physique. The guy looks good when shirtless!

Here are 22 photos that prove it:

Justin Bieber Workout Pics
Justin Bieber is so hot!!! He posted this shirtless montage of himself working out to Instagram.

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It's very funny how media puts stuff like this out, Justin has you guys fooled and you guys are taken hook line and singer. Here is an example he is sick in tired of media worrying about what he does, and false stories rumors etc, so he is now one step ahead of you guys and posting pics of him owning things he does not so you will take the bait and leave him alone with other shit. He is not trying to act hard, it's called hes trying to get all the retarded media off his back and it is working well for him dummies. Great job Justin keep up the good work, and I am not a beliber, but think he is a good hearted normal teenager. I could care less about him famous or not. He is just like my son same age, personality etc, only difference is my sons not famous but who cares they are good kids.


Justin i love u. ur fans r dying on you.u r the biggest shining star.


Justin + Smitha =jusmi
i love him .
he is the gorgeous looking man on earth.
give him some time to show himself.


He is handsome<3


Trust is one of those things money can't buy...it needs to be earned and this means resisting temptations.....


everybody needs to stop picking on justin bieber he is 20yrs old he cant do whatever he wants to do i love him no matter what


everybody needs to stop picking on justin bieber he is 20yrs old he cant do whatever he wants to do i love him no matter what

@ Alexis

alexia see were to doing going


Justin Bizzle Bieber is not a arrogant flaunting douche bag even though he always has a premenstrual string to pull behind him. I am a Bielieber of it all. Much Luv.


I love justin bieber let him chill out


what a douche bag

@ Fredo

Justin Bieber is a coolest guy in the world. I liked with his shirt off he is so hot. I to go out with him.

@ Khaya@

Justin Bieber is a coolest guy in the world. I liked with his shirt off,he is so hot. I want to go out with him.

@ Khaya Malinga

Jai Wateford and Justin Bieber should hang out together. Justin Bieber your song are mad and you to Jai Wateford.
Justin Bieber I like your song Boyfriend and Jai Wateford Your Eyes.