Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Wedding Planning In Hawaii!

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Despite rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have broken up, the couple appears to be going strong and sources say they've finally solidified wedding plans after a nearly two-year engagement.

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A friend of Jen's tells Us Weekly that after considering several tropical locales, she and Justin have settled on Hawaii for their destination ceremony. J and J reportedly enjoyed "a very special trip there" soon after they started dating. 

We're guessing the wedding is at least a few months off, as photos of a makeup free Aniston sporting a few extra pounds and prosthetic facial scars on the set of a new film have been circulating the web recently.

Jen may not be as vain as some Hollywood actresses, but she'll likely still want to get back in shape before the big day.

Insiders say Justin owns a beach shack in Hawaii that will serve as the couple's honeymoon spot.

If there's any truth to the rumors that Jennifer is pregnant, then escaping to a remote beach shack for a few weeks is probably not the best idea, but like everything involving this secretive couple that news is based on pure speculation.

Apparently Jen's first marriage taught  her a lesson about keeping her love life out of the spotlight. 


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