Jennette McCurdy Scandal: Nickelodeon to Cancel Sam & Cat After Racy Photo Leak?

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Looks like the Jennette McCurdy selfie scandal has yet to blow over at Nickelodeon, with reports indicating major tension between the star and the network.

The fate of her hit show Sam & Cat is said to be hanging by a thread due to the racy photo leak and a feud between McCurdy and co-star Ariana Grande.

Production has "ground to a halt" and the comedy has not been renewed for Season 2 despite the success of its first, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

Nickelodeon was apparently far from pleased after a series of Jennette McCurdy photos featuring her in a thong were spread online in early March.

The feuding came to a head last weekend as Jennette boycotted the Kids' Choice Awards and blamed her decision on her interaction with the network.

"It has to do with how Nickelodeon treated me, that's all," she tweeted of her absence at the ceremony where Sam & Cat picked up the Favorite Show trophy.

"I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing," McCurdy added.

"No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first."

Not cryptic or anything. She did not elaborate on the issue any further.

McCurdy lost out in the Favorite Actress category to her co-star and former friend. Interestingly, April 1 also saw a (fake) Ariana Grande nude photo leak.

It remains unclear who leaked the racy McCurdy snaps, though the pics conveniently appeared after she dissed ex-beau Andre Drummond on a podcast.

After the photos went viral, McCurdy told fans via Twitter that she'd taken the photos for one person and they weren't intended for anyone else.

Andre Drummond has publicly denied any sort of role in the scandal.

It is also unclear what was said been McCurdy and the network bosses, or whether they'll be able to work through the conflict to agree to a renewal.

For now, however, the future of the successful Sam & Cat is in limbo.

A spokesperson for the network stated that the photos were not the cause of any tension, and that Nick has "the utmost respect for her," the rep said.

Why she and Ariana are supposedly beefing is equally mysterious.

UPDATE: Sources say that between McCurdy and the network, the beef is all about the money and the fact that Grande wakes WAY MORE of it ...


I agree. The bottom line is that Nickelodeon has other shows lined up ahead of Sam & Cat in the event that they decide to drop the series in the fall, which is looking more and more likely now. The thing about it is that Nickelodeon doesn't really seem to care either way. Look at Jennette McCurdy's sudden change of hairstyle (she's now a brunette), her supposed "leaked" lingerie photos (she did it for the publicity, in my opinion), her decision to purposely skip this year's KCAs, another "famous" rant of hers on Twitter about "unfair treatment" (anyone that considers their fans their true "friends" or "sole support system" obviously has family or personal problems), Ariana putting her music career over acting, etc. Sorry to say this, but a permanent hiatus is never a good thing for a show's future. This show will be (or already is) a thing of a past. Both actresses and Nickelodeon will move on and try to sweep this so far under the rug that nobody will probably even notice, except the die hard fans who live to see this show on TV. Dan Schneider embarrassed himself with a show like Sam & Cat anyway, so I'm sure not too many people will be missing the show that much anyway.


Jennette is a better actress then Ariana. She actually gets on my nerves. They didn't cancel I Carly they actually ended it because Miranda wanted to go to college and do some personal things. Victorious got canceled. What they should've done was leave victorious & add Sam on it her & jade were interesting to watch. Plus I thought they have already did season2 & we were wwaiting on season 3? Spongebob & Sam & cat only shows I watch on nick rest of em SUCKS...


Ok if Sam and Cat goes off the air im boycotting nick im Serious this is my favorite show and why the hell would they cancel icarly? It had a big Fandom and everyone was watching it-Answer because nick is being poorly run if something like this can put a show in limbo,if its a Number one show and if Jennettes not happy about her pay check you suck it up and pay it,They should be doing everything they can to keep her not canceling the show.Its rare that spin offs do so well so they shouldn't be trying to get rid of it.And for one thing your going to have a lot of pissed of fans(Like me) if im willing to spend a hafe hour typeing this down then you should be abble to work it out.


Jennette has got great timing in her acting. You are never bored listening to her act. I hope to see more of Jennette in the movies.


First they cancel ICarly, now Sam and Cat!! WTF Nickelodeon!!?? Get your shit together. Disney has no problem with this type behavior. You cancelling the Best shows you have right now. Stupid.

Sophi gom

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Yabbah dabadeux

It sounds like a perfect storm designed to attract new viewers to the series.

@ Yabbah DaBadeux


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