Human Barbie RIPPED By Human Ken: Justin Jedlica Not a Valeria Lukyanova Fan!

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Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, is being taken to task by Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica, who just doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

One would be forgiven for thinking that the plastic surgery-addicted Human Ken and Human Barbie might make the perfect couple, but one would be wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Justin Jedlica, Real-Life Ken Doll

Jedlica, infamous for undergoing around 140 surgical procedures to look like Ken, doesn't exactly have the nicest things to say about Valeria Lukyanova.

"We met at a photo shoot. She's a cute girl," he told GQ before adding, "I don't really get her. I don't get why people think she's so interesting. She has extensions.

"She wears stage makeup ...she's an illusionist."

Human Barbie hates race-mixing as well, BTW.

Jedlica, for his part, takes pride in that he has taken extensive measures to actually become Ken - not just fake it with makeup and photo filters.

"My baby is my shoulders, because nobody has anything like them," he tells the mag of his favorite surgery. "I divided these so there's six pieces."

"Front, middle, and back. Just like the actual anatomy ... I'm working with a silicone-fabrication company to do an artistic muscle-augmentation-implant line."

"So all the implants I'm paying custom for myself right now, like my shoulders, my quads, my abs, the lats... they'll hopefully be available to plastic surgeons."

Well that sounds awesome, we guess. Gotta aim high in life.

This isn't the first time that Human Ken slammed his supposed other half, ridiculing Human Barbie and comparing her to a "drag queen" in November.

"Valeria presents herself as a real-life Barbie doll, but she is nothing more than an illusion who dresses like a drag queen," he reportedly said.

"Valeria just plays dress up. As soon as you wipe away all that makeup, she's just a plain Jane and there's absolutely nothing special about her."

"Unlike me, who's spent nearly $150,000 permanently transforming myself into a human Ken doll ... Valeria has been my arch-nemesis ever since we met each other."

Whoa now. Those fightin' words from half of the plastic pair.

Instead of firing back at Justin Jedlica, Lukyanova's recent comments to GQ targeted much wider groups of people - children and mixed-race humans.

"The very idea of children brings out this deep revulsion in me…I'd rather die from torture because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle."

Lukyanova also bashed people of mixed races, calling them a "degeneration" of beauty that has diluted the ideals we used to see so much more of.

What's that about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?


Her clothes and poses are sooo ugly and tacky!!


very nice pic


They both are pretending to be Barbie and Ken. But, they have different feelings. Well, there is that saying "Opposites attract". Maybe he can help her change her mind about race, children, etc. Oh yeah, his high school picture made him look better and more human.


They both look like Freaks,,,looked far better before they messed around with all that surgeyr.....STUPID.



@ (((@)))++JOY

Sounds like you and Ken has a serious relationship.


These 2 have some major problems.. why change your body tht God gave u forreal. They need to go see a doctor tht will put both of em on some meds to help em with whatever issues they are dealing with.


These 2 have some major problems.. why change your body tht God gave u forreal. They need to go see a doctor tht will put both of em on some meds to help em with whatever issues they are dealing with.




I have no problem with biracial people, none. This asian guy looks nothing like ken. Unless his package is a plastic mound, no amount of surgery is going to make him Ken. Silicone muscles? How is that safer than roids and the gym? Hes like a fat lazy rich woman that thinks lipo and tucks will work over diet and exercise. Plastic surgeons should lose their license doing procedures on the mentally ill. I get why a body builder might need calf or pec implants, but full body? Let these surgeons go fix international kids with deformations. See how they feel then. Sick people

@ sirius



They're both freaky plastic doll people. Go away, ya fugly wierdos.

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The very idea of having children brings out this deep revulsion in me.