Gary Goddard: Michael Egan Charges Are Ridiculous!

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Broadway producer Gary Goddard has issued a statement through his lawyer denying all allegations made against him by Michael Egan.

Goddard's lawyer spoke with TMZ today and stated that all of Egan's charges are "categorically denied" by his client. 

Last week, Egan accused Bryan Singer of sexual assault, claiming the director repeatedly victimized him while he was still a teenager.

At that time, Egan promised to name more names and has since accused three other Hollywood moguls of molestation.

According to Egan, Goddard is one of the men who took part in an underground "Hollywood sex ring" which targeted teenage boys. 

Garth Ancier, who is also accused by Egan, issued a statement yesterday proclaiming his innocence. 

Goddard has now followed suit, with the official press release from his lawyer stating:

"Mr. Goddard was not in Hawaii with Mr. Egan. He did not molest or touch or annoy Mr. Egan or commit any of the acts alleged. Also, he did not furnish any drugs or alcohol to any minor at any time."

Goddard's lawyer adds that the claims against his client are "so fantastical as to be unbelievable on their face."

If Egan's allegations turn out to be true, they could result in one of the most devastating scandals in the history of the film industry.

We'll have further updates as this story develops. 


Many cannot come forward as they have become executive level due to the connections of these very people, let alone actors who would be ruined by it. The pattern remains the same, so many young actors strung out and given the same treatment during their decline and eventual death. It happened to Keanu and River with Gus Van Sant's group. It happened with many at Disney including Lee Young. Anyone who spoke up, like Paul Kaplansky, was fired for being a nobody assistant. There were a few who told me their times with the director Jon Hess as well, who would molest them. The entire group I know and work with are executive level at WB, where Singer and many others set everyone up. I may send you contact information of a casting contact, when she and I became friends in the late 90's, she told me about how projects were taken because of the young male roles in them and to purposely have these casting calls, so many of the same calls, for the same group of men in the late 80's early 90's, who then had these house parties in the late 90's where it continued.

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