Fox & Friends First Anchor Refers to UConn as "NAACP" Champions

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On Fox News’ Fox & Friends First this morning, co-host Heather Childers sent her congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies for defeating the Kentucky Wildcats last night and winning the “NAACP” championship and… wait… what?!?

Yes, Childers accidentally referred to UConn as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" champs, as opposed to the toast of the National Collegiate Athletic Association world.

She quickly apologized on Twitter ("totally on me. I'm a huge sports fan. Was excited about #UCONN's win, misspoke but immediately corrected it. Great tourney!"), but was unable to stop the clip from going viral.

Watch the slip-up now:


this is why alot of people hate her..............


The social networking is sad and unforgiving. Blowing up Iissue is why we have hate. Its as if people feed off energy. And, twist the intention's of man


It's only a issue if you make it an issue. She didn't mean it in a racist way. Just mixed her abbreviations. But it's people like the internet is why our country doesn't live in Pease

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