Duggar Family Dating Rules: NO TOUCHING (Except Side-Hugs)!

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Any guy out there looking to date one of the Duggar family girls may need to lower his expectations as far as physical contact and affection concerned.

To say there won't be much is an understatement.

On the season premiere of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting this week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar laid out the rules of courtship for their 19 children.

With two of the older kids, 20-year-old Jessa (pictured) and 22-year-old Jill, starting relationships with prospective mates, there was no time like the present.

"As far as our kids dating, we believe a lot of times if you're alone with the person, it can create desires that can kind of get stirred up," Jim Bob said.

"You don't have any accountability, and [that] can kind of lead to some hanky panky," he feels, and suffice it to say, "hanky panky" is a big no-no.

"Courtship is really about getting to know each other for the purpose of possibly getting engaged and getting married," the Arkansas father of 19 said.

Jill, who is courting Derick Dillard, 25, says: "The main difference between courting and dating is setting boundaries for yourself so that you don't cross those."

For Jessa Duggar and beau Ben Seewald, 18, that means no holding hands, no kissing, and always having a chaperone (usually one of the Duggars' 10 sons).

So how do they show affection, an important part of courting?

With "side-hugs," obviously, whenever they say hello or goodbye. "Obviously we're saving our first kiss for marriage," Ben said. "It's pretty basic."

Michelle and Jim Bob, who are devout fundamentalist Independent Baptists, also require their daughters' suitors to include them on any text messages.

"It's neat to see their conversations," Jim Bob said, while Michelle adds, "The girls always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad."

"That's a good thing ... that is such good protection for them."


Too bad if they find one or the other doesn't do it for them?but then you be expected to lie there in the name of the almighty!


No sex before marriage seems something written by the hands of God. Then.. this is the best part... After you get married.. You shy pure thing....TRY...try ...try hot sweaty sex ...yes Try again! girl friend!!!! Cover under the sheets to hide your sins from GOD ...Too hillarious


Really...I understand no sex before marriage but saving the first kiss until marriage is a little ridiculous. Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. You don't buy a car without test driving it first!!

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