Drake "Draft Day" Single Name-Checks Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Manziel: Listen Now!

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Drake released a new song Tuesday called "Draft Day." The track, which samples Lauryn Hill, is not affiliated, we don't think, with the movie of the same name.

It does, however, contain some lyrical gems, with the star name-checking Chicago MC Chance the Rapper, Johnny Manziel and ... Jennifer Lawrence.

There are also plenty of insults and barbs to go around.

"Draft Day" opens with a nod to the controversial college football phenomenon Manziel before Rihanna's rumored boyfriend addresses his detractors:

"And if I left this s--t to chance, I would've picked a name like Chance the Rapper. No offense 'cause I don't know that n---a. I just focus on making records and getting bigger."

Elsewhere, Drake appears to diss Jay-Z and Kanye West, with whom he has feuded before, with the line, "Just hits, no Mrs. / That's for the married folk."

But arguably the best and most unexpected reference came with a tribute (see what we did there?!) of sorts to a well-known celebrity in a different field.

"On some Hunger Games s--t, I would die for my district," raps Drake. "Jennifer Lawrence, you could really get it, I mean, for real girl, you know I had to do it for ya."

Who knew he was such a fan? Not that we blame him ...


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