Dina Lohan on Twitter: Oprah, Call Me!

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Last night's revelation that Lindsay Lohan suffered a miscarriage recently came as a shock to viewers of her OWN reality show, but apparently TV viewers weren't the only ones taken by surprise.

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If her tweets from last night are any indication, Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, found out about her daughter's latest drama the same way as the rest of us.

"Oprah call me," read Dina's brief, cryptic tweet from moments after the season finale of Lindsay aired, concluding with LiLo's shocking revelation.

The terse demand (No one orders Oprah around!) has led to speculation about what exactly Mama Lohan so desperately needed to say to Queen O. 

Was she angry that she was forced to find out her daughter suffered a miscarriage from hearing about it on TV?

Or was she simply wondering if the bombshell revelation provided enough a ratings bump to net Lindsay a second season?

Sadly, knowing Dina as well as we do, we're leaning toward the latter.

Lindsay recently made the claim that her famously tumultuous relationships with her parents have been better than ever lately.

Even so, Dina Lohan pleaded guilty to DWI last week and she's rumored to be so broke that her home is facing foreclosure. 

Just a typical week in the life of the Lohan clan. No wonder Oprah canceled Lindsay's show as soon as she got the chance. Who would want to work with these people?!

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I'm lost I could swear Oprah said Lindsay documentary which is not the same as a seasonal reality show. I really don't believe Oprah want Lindsay back for another season. Oprah is known for documentaries not a show about Lindsay's life. Why do people make up these stories


Having a medical issue or suffering a miscarriage has got to be one of the most devastating period of a woman's life. With LL being so out there with her behavior, this inquiring mind has to wonder whether this is truth
or a story being hatched for shock purposes. With LL, you Never know what to believe. PEACE!!


hahahahahaha, she can't read nor write!!


I am usually not cynical, but I do not necessarily buy the miscarriage story. In my view, Lindsay has not taken responsibility for many things, like her habitual thefts. She also does not seem to fully own her lack of responsibility and has an excuse or lie for everything. I think she is hoping her "miscarriage" will keep her out of trouble.

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