Chris Martin and Alexa Chung: Spending Nights Together Since His Split

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Not long after his split from Gwyneth Paltrow was announced, rumors of an affair between Chris Martin and Alexa Chung began to circulate.  

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As more intel emerged the situation began to take shape.

Several tabloids reported that Chris and Gwyneth enjoyed an "open relationship" which allowed for meaningless sex with strangers, but Chris broke the rules by falling in love with Chung.

Now it seems the appeal of a woman who's not Gwyneth is so strong that Chris can't resist Alexa even during his "conscious uncoupling" period with Gwynnie. 

Like Chris, Alexa hails from England originally and she still lives there most of the year. Or at least she did.

Star magazine reports that since Martin has begun (slowly) breaking things off with Paltrow, Chung has been spending more time in LA.

Chris has apparently fallen so hard for Alexa he refuses even to stick around for Gwyneth's meditation/primal scream therapy sessions or whatever she's got him doing. 

A source tells the tabloid that Chris "has been sneaking out at night to see [Alexa] and confide in her." A ballsy move considering Chris still lives with Gwyneth at the moment.

Never a magazine to shy away from wild speculation, Star also reports that in the past, Chris has carried on affairs with Helena Christensen, Kate Bosworth and Natalie Imbruglia, but never fell for any of them the way he has with Alexa. 

Sounds like Chris stayed busy! No wonder he was able to stomach being married to Gwyneth for so long!

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If Gwyneth is going to describe this event in railroad terms, I guess she could say that she and Chris Martin are having a 'Conscious Uncoupling' for Martin's 'Spur of the Moment'!


Good for Chris!!! Anything beats being with Gwen! I believe the Vanity Fair article was about their "open" marriage.


Hhhhmmmmm i wonder if this has anything to do with that vanity fair shit gwyneth was worried about


they both needed a genital parts talk............