Chris Brown Legal Drama Explained: Assault Cases, Probation Violations, Con Air & More

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Chris Brown's legal predicaments have gotten so confusing that they require a lengthy explanation to fully understand at this point. So here we go:

Brown has been on probation since accepting a plea deal in the 2009 attack on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. That probation is set to end later this year.

He was arrested last fall for assault in D.C. Because his probation requires him to obey all laws, a judge revoked his probation in the Rihanna case.

However, after Chris pleaded not guilty to the D.C. attack on Parker Adams, a judge allowed him to seek treatment rather than sit in jail awaiting trial.

He was kicked out of rehab and jailed in March, though, after violating the rules of the anger management rehab center he was assigned to by the court.

In addition to its own legal ramifications, the D.C. case could lead to major penalties - potentially YEARS in prison - in the probation violation case.

Ensnared in this tangled legal web, Brown has been shuttled from L.A. to D.C. via Con Air and now is heading back again in the custody of federal officers.

The D.C. trial has been delayed because of the singer's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, a key witness who was just convicted in the same incident.

Hollosy says unless he is granted immunity, he will not testify in Brown's case until he has exhausted the appeals process, which could take six months to a year.

Hollosy had been widely expected to take the fall for his boss, accepting responsibility for attacking Adams, but this new delay might suggest otherwise.

D.C. Superior Court Judge A. Franklin Burgess Jr. set a status hearing for the Chris Brown assault case for June 25, the same day as Hollosy's sentencing.

Until then, he will remain behind bars. L.A. Judge Victor Greenberg denied the request of Brown lawyer Mark Geragos to release him with the trial pending.

Come June, he'll be transported back to D.C. on Con Air again. Such is life for detainees who face criminal charges in two different U.S. jurisdictions.

"I'm quite sure that Chris Brown would actually love not to be transferred via U.S. Marshal Service," says Darren Kavinoky, an L.A.-based criminal defense lawyer.

"I'm sure he'd much rather fly under his own power, via private jet, or even on a commercial flight in coach for that matter," he adds ... but that's a no-go.

Transporting prisoners via the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (better known by the nickname "Con Air") is actually quite commonplace.

JPATS transfers more than 350,000 prisoners and illegal aliens a year. The jets are owned or leased by the government and funded by the taxpayers.

Kavinoky continues, "Since he's in custody, this is standard operating procedure. It's a common occurrence also with witnesses [for] cases other than their own."

In other words, Brown is not getting any special treatment here.

Kavinoky adds, "This is not any sort of special celebrity treatment situation. Actually, I'd say that what's happening here is the anti-celebrity treatment."

"Chris [is] getting a worse deal because the judge knows that the eyes of the world are upon him. I think Chris is in a worse situation because he's Chris Brown."

Sounds like something Ne-Yo would agree with ...


Chris dont deserve any of this every nigga tryna hate ppl dont even got to do that. All niggas these days want is money and tryna claim this wat he get got lock your self in a cage. If you dont like him STFU!!!!!!!!!! Ppl love chris brown now they tryna lock a brother up tryna get a name for themselves. That just LOW they ain't even got get a name just gon be- known as low down dirty punk.


I love how the not so holier than now judgmental hypocrites like to play God and say what SOME people do or don't deserve. If this was any other celebrity, they wouldn't get this kind of treatment under a misdemeanor charge. Zimmerman got treated better than this and is now considered a celebrity cause he killed a black unarmed teenager. Yes, people that don't like Chris are loving this. The worst of criminals don't get treated like this. The judges and the prosecutors are only trying to make names for themselves at Chris' s expense. They are nit giving a damn about all these hardened criminals that deserve all this time and enery, they are trying to get TV deals out of this, just like the judge that put OJ away for stealing his own stuff back, basically for what he got found not guilty for years ago.


ha ha ha you funny my baby gonna get out you watch and see...........


Chris is NOT getting worse treatment because of who he is; he's getting EXACTLY what he deserves for behaving like an animal, especially with those he professes to love (like his Mother for instance, who he threw rocks at as she drove away in her car after having an argument with him). Anyone that would do that doesn't need rehab, they need a cage.

@ Frogmore

Really no offense but really

@ Frogmore

Oh, fuck off. Maybe you need a goddamn cage.
If this were anyone else, this case would have been thrown out from day one! Do you really think that your average everyday domestic violence/
misdemeanor assault cases last for months on end, much less go to fucking trial?! This case is so ridiculously dragged out & elongated all over some publicity seeking douche crying over a bloody nose. All he's looking for is his 3 million dollars, and at this rate, the prosecution is on its way to giving it to him. So, that being said, STFU.

@ Frogmore

they wont have him in a cage for long


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