Chris Brown Accuser Parker Adams: He's Not Even That Hard!

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According to 20-year-old Parker Adams, the man accusing Chris Brown of assault in D.C., the R&B singer only ranks as a 6 out of 10 on the manly scale.

Chris Brown Mugshot
Chris Brown Mug Shot

On the stand in the trial of Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy, who's also accused of assaulting Adams, Parker was asked to assess the attackers.

Using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 registering as a strong, manly punch, Hollosy rates a 10 out of 10, whereas Brown only punches at a 6, Adams determined.

Is Chris' 6-out-of-10 strength enough to destroy a woman's face? Well, obviously. Insufficient to fight his own battles against 20-year-old guys? Apparently.

That's just how Chris rolls. He's good at using guns and knives, at least, for when his muscles aren't cutting it and he needs to act hard at rehab meetings.

Christopher Hollosy has been charged with misdemeanor assault and faces six months in jail if convicted in the attack on Adams, which took place last fall.

After his trip on Con Air, Brown's trial could begin today.

He was transported from an L.A. jail to a Virginia lockup as he awaits the high-stakes showdown that could set him free, or send him to jail for YEARS.

We'll have updates for you as soon as it begins ...


If aint hit you hard then why you crying like a little bitch in court. Real dudes scrap every day and that's it they don't press charges besides you the only one I saw bleeding at the end. Who printed this garbage? Did u not know how idiotic this sounds.


If he didn't hit you that hard, why are you & the Prosecution making a big damn deal about it? The whole thing doesn't smell rught at all & none of his witnesses told the same story, don't care what nobody say, this guy is getting railroaded, this dude & others want money and the Judge & Prosecutors are trying to make names for themselves.


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