Avril Lavigne Responds to Hello Kitty Controversy: I'm Not Racist!

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Yesterday, we told you about the controversy surrounding Avril Lavigne's racist Hello Kitty video - a clip so offensive it was banned by YouTube administrators even though it doesn't violate any of the site's rules.

Today, Avril responded using the tried and true method of embattled, bigoted celebs. It basically involves shaking your head in disbelief and saying, "What?! Me? Racist?!"

"RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!" Avril tweeted yesterday, obviously giving this sensitive issue the mature consideration it deserves. "I love Japanese culture and I spend half my time in Japan..."

"I flew to Tokyo to shoot the video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan."

Sigh. So many problems with that "apology" we don't even know where to start:

First of all, spending a lot of time with people of a certain nationality does not mean you have the right to perpetuate offensive stereotypes about them. We're sure Mel Gibson has some Jewish Facebook friends. Doesn't mean everything he says is kosher.

Second, so you spend a lot of time in Japan? Are Japanese people supposed to be grateful for that? Do you bring your horrendous husband Chad Kroeger as a bonus? 

Canada: "Hey people of Japan, how about a little Avril Lavigne and Nickelback in your lives?"

Japan: "Yeah, no thanks. You guys can keep Bieber, too."

Public relations pro-tip, Avril: you've offended people whether you intended to or not, so try to see where they're coming from and say you're sorry. Don't try to convince everyone you're like totally basically Japanese.


Jesus, you silly little paparazzis should really find yourselfs a life. And no, I'm not taking sides, but that's just annoying.


As a Canadian living in Japan for over 10 years, I sincerely did not see what was so offensive in this video. What stereotypes? The song is horrible for sure, but I did not think the video was offensive in any way.


Sorry but what? Racist? I can NOT understand what is so offensive in this video other than the horrible singing by Avril. What is supposed to be racist in this?


true, she is just another high school starlet.

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