Andre Johnson in Stable Condition; Doctors Unable to Reattach Penis After Suicide Attempt

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Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson will no longer have a penis after he cut it off Wednesday morning and doctors were unable to reattach the member.

Andre Johnson the Rapper

Officials confirm that Johnson, also known by his stage name Christ Bearer cut his penis off yesterday morning and then jumped off of a balcony.

He survived the fall from his second floor apartment.

After the incident, which developed "within seconds," Christ Bearer was rushed from North Hollywood to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills and saved.

His penis was unable to be salvaged, however.

One of many Wu-Tang affiliated rappers, Andre Johnson is a member of the group Northstar, which was founded by Wu-Tang member and producer RZA.

Despite what he just endured, Johnson/Christ Bearer is remarkably in stable condition, though it's unclear whether he will be released and in what state.

Several other friends and rappers were present during the horrific scene and insisted they weren't doing any drugs that would cause such a thing.

They believe Andre Johnson may have mental issues ... which might be a safe assumption considering he cut his own penis off and tried to commit suicide.

We hope he gets the help he needs to recover.


Ouch! One must believe he had some serious problems to cut off his penis. This is the holy grail to men. He has done some serious harm to himself. Nees tombe in a mental hospital where he can get the right kind of help.


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How is he going to live without a penis? He'll probably have to try to kill himself again. He was stupid because taking your own life is not always successful and in this case it was not successful. He should have left his penis alone!!!!


Wonder if it's a gay self hatred thing? Think about it. He's in a rap group. Rap music tends to be a bit misogynistic; so he has to keep up with the disrespect 'em, love'em and leave'em paradigm. However if he's a(n) (outwardly) gay man in the rap world he could be shunned. He got sick of hiding who he truly was and...decided to first cut off the "offending" appendage and then...jump because the first "solution" just didn't seem like it was enough...didn't to live without it and/or with the "shame." That's the only thing I can think of...not that it makes sense. He's truly a disturbed individual in need of help and prayer....

@ lena

I know that there have been gay men trying to exist in the straight world who have taken their own lives, but never have I heard of them maiming themselves in such a way. The thought of doing this is mind boggling. He is seriously disturbed or into heavy drug use. You think because the others said there was no drugs they may not have been telling the whole truth?

@ Spare Me

He's gay???


Why cut his penis off and then jump 2 stories? Wouldn't the 2 stories be good enough? I mean cutting his penis off did what exactally? This man is crazy... Couldn't people see he had problems before this incident?


guess he could change his name to Nojohnson.

@ irck



Yes he can very good dancer but why cant he b free that fight comment she 4gave wy cant yall

@ msg

Huh? What on earth are you trying to say???


IT aCool In time will tell!

@ Tracy Knox.


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