Amber Portwood on Justin Bieber: He Just Wants Attention!

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Amber Portwood has more or less dropped off the face of the earth as far as the American public is concerned, but she resurfaced this week to do an interview with Maury Povich, and for some reason the topic of Justin Bieber came up.

Asked what she thought about the Biebs' recent antics, Amber replied, "He wants attention. I remember being a teenager. I wanted attention, I wasn't getting it, so I did crazy stuff."

Maury didn't bother mentioning that Bieber isn't a teenager, but he did point out that Justin gets plenty of attention as a result of his music, basically implying that it's only no-talent trainwrecks like Amber need to publicly misbehave in order to stay famous.

Seeming to miss this point, Amber replied, "It's about publicity and it's about money. That's all it is."

She's attempting to trash-talk Bieber, so we guess Amber's heart is in the right place, but her point makes no sense.

By all accounts, the negative publicity surrounding events like Bieber getting arrested for drag racing is likely to cost Justin money as a result of irreparable damage to his brand and reputation.

Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Justin had millions of adoring fans before he egged his neighbor's house or started dressing like some strange combination of Lil Wayne and Ellen DeGeneres.

So, no, Justin isn't acting out because he wants to keep his face on the cover of every tabloid. He's doing it because he's a 20-year-old with way too much time, money and power and he's going off the rails as a result.

Can someone explain real fame to Amber?

Such an A-Hole!

Justin Bieber is a f-cking moron... I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should f-cking be embarrassed.

Patrick Carney
Justin Bieber is a f-cking moron... I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should f-cking be embarrassed.

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