Amber Heard "Female Engagement Ring" Worn with Pride By Johnny Deep

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Johnny Depp and his stunning "female engagement ring" are making the rounds, and the actor couldn't be prouder. He's engaged to Amber Heard, after all.

Depp joked about wearing his fiancee's engagement ring during an appearance on The Late Show with the retiring David Letterman last night.

"I have a female engagement ring," Depp, 50, confessed to the talk show host, explaining, "Yes - it was too big for my girl. She is wearing the other one."

As previously reported, The Lone Ranger star first opened up about his diamond while promoting his new film, Transcendence, in Beijing on March 31.

Heard, 27, has since been wearing a second one that the actor gave her.

"It fits you perfectly," commented Letterman. Depp replied: "I think people are too scared to comment, 'Why is a grown man wearing a woman's engagement ring?'"

Though Depp has been mum about wedding details, he did shutdown the pesky rumor that the pair are expecting a child.

"Expecting what? A child? Good god, what do you think I am, a savage?" he told Today's Savannah Guthrie. "No, no truth to that. It's not a shotgun affair."

"She's a wonderful girl," he added of Heard. "She's sharp as a tack."

"A southern belle and sweet as can be, and very good for me."

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What is up with his voice? Has he forgotten he's from KENTUCKY? Where's he been hanging out to talk all pip pip cheerio? Doesn't he realize how stupid he sounds?


yep, his friends were pleased to feel a new anus ring up in their ass.


he is using it as an anus ring.

@ Mister+Baja

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