Amanda Bynes Taken Off Medication; Mom Claims "No Mental Illness Whatsoever"

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Amanda Bynes' mother has taken her off medication and claims she has no mental illness, a statement and turn of events that has left many people alarmed.

Lynn Bynes says the only problem Amanda had was pot, that all her daughter's problems emanated from marijuana, and she has quit smoking weed.

As a result, Amanda is off ALL medications. Lynn said publicly Wednesday that "she has no mental illness whatsoever." Tamar Arminak, Lynn's lawyer, confirms:

"Amanda is now on zero medication."

Her mom feels all the talk about schizophrenia is false and that's why she took her off medication; Amanda has had no psychotic episodes in recent months.

Everyone else who has come in contact with Amanda says she does in fact suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, however, and they are concerned.

The evidence of mental illness is extensive, and not just because of the photo gallery above and her erratic behavior for about a year and a half. Consider:

  • Amanda was hospitalized against her will. To do this, a person must be "gravely disabled as the result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism."
  • According to TMZ, while hospitalized, she was given a complex prescription drug cocktail specifically designed for treating Schizophrenia.
  • While in treatment, she was at times so incoherent that she had to be restrained, and spoke of a "Bad Amanda" while mimicking an exorcism and biting herself.
  • Amanda's mother won a temporary conservatorship after a court-appointed investigator determined that the actress was severely mentally ill. 
  • The star's lawyers in both California and New York asked for and won delays in her vase-tossing and DUI criminal cases based on mental illness.

You can see why multiple sources connected to the 28-year-old are shocked, alarmed and fearful having heard what Lynn Bynes has unilaterally done.

No matter how much healthier and happier she looks lately, one can't help but question the legitimacy of this diagnosis by Lynn, or fear the consequences.

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I grew up watching All That, The Amanda Show, and all her various movies, What A Girl Wants, Shes The Man, and many more. Ive always thought Amanda Bynes was and still is a very talented actresses and even on film, she seemed down to earth like any other girl her age. I still believe Amanda has a very promising future ahead, whether its in or out of the spotlight. Amanda has spent her whole life in front of a camera entertaining millions of others therefore she really has never had a life of her own. Having no childhood or adulthood without being in front of cameras and working non-stop could cause anyone to suffer a mental breakdown, it happens very often especially with child stars. Amanda is still young enough that after repairing her personal issues, she could definatley get her life back on track. I personally hope she does and finds the happiness that she wants in her life, whether it does or doesn't involve acting. Everyone makes mistakes, becomes physically and mentally exhausted at times, and has to reevaluate what to be doing with thier lives. Regardless of any mental issues or drug abuse, its her place to work these issues out the best way she sees fit. An actress like Amanda who has always seemed so compfortable in her own skin, even on camera can get through this and I'm rooting for her. Life struggles tend to make us stronger after we have endured and overcame them and I think as talented and level headed as Amanda has been throughout her career, she will overcome this and be stronger for it.


I hope she knows what shes doing. Im not a doctor, but I've dealt with family members that are mentally ill. The medicine makes them better so they stop taking it. They decline and get back on it, over and over. My uncle assaulted a nurse during a 5150 admission. Spent 7 years locked up in the prison psych hospital. His life is ruined, brain fried from thorozine. He could have had a great life on medication, now hes not mentally ill hes mentally challenged. If Amanda commits a serious crime while cured, the consequences could be far worse than pills


Getting off pot is a HUGE step as the long term effects DEFINITELY impair judgement, actions etc. BUT taking her off meds is a HUGE mistake. I agree many meds have some pretty severe side effects but I think the evidence is clear there are/were mental health issues. There are too many cases to point out, of people who were at one time on meds that drastically improved their mental health. Once they felt better they stopped taking their meds & reverted right back to the condition they had been in, if not worse. Also, as has been pointed out, going off some meds completely & suddenly is NOT a good idea & in fact can be dangerous. I hope Amanda continues to do well but I expect to hear of more instances of erratic behavior if effective treatment isn't continued.


That is a huge step back to take her off her meds & now say it was marijuana that caused the bizarre behavior....say what??? maybe check mom into that mental ward


Never in my life have I seen anyone behave like Amanda on pot. Other drugs, yes. Her Moms statement debunking mental illness not helpingbAmanda or anyone. You are not held on 5150 for months due to pot use. Bad spin, helping no,one.


No one acts like she did on marijuana and that mother needs to educate herself. That is so dangerous to undo all that her daughter has achieved to regain her sanity. Someone needs to go to court and remove her mother's rights.


Now, we wait and see if the crazy twitter pics reappear.

@ Rita

what she said....


Moms have a hard time excepting mental illness, especially the older generation. Amandas parents are elderly. Had the judge had known he uneducated thinking, he would gave not sent Amanda to live in her home. Weed was not the problem, if anything it helped her deal with the pain. Mental illness hurts!!


Hurray for this young woman's mother. However, she should beware that the prescription drug cocktail her daughter was forced to take causes withdrawal phenomena many times worse than marijuana. It is safer to reduce these dangerous and sometimes deadly drugs very, very slowly.

@ MeTZelf

Well said - I totally agree. Those chemicals may alleviate some symptoms in the short term but they end up scrambling your brain. The sooner you get off them the better. The brain, like the body, just needs the right kind of living for the healing to start. Chemicals obliterate that sensitive process.


Marijuana doesn't make people do the things she did. That was clear mental illness. If marijuana made people act like that...this world would be one crazy place!

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