Alicia Cargile: In a Lesbian Relationship with Kristen Stewart?!?

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According to a pair of hilarious new reports, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have rebounded from each other in a couple unexpected ways.

First, Pattinson apparently hooked up with Katy Perry at Coachella.

Now, Star Magazine is writing that Stewart is involved in a serious relationship with Alicia Cargile. Yes, that's a female.

A romance supposedly began between the close friends after Alicia comforted Kristen following her crushing split from Pattinson last May.

The pals have dropped hints about the relationship by frequently stepping out on different occasions wearing the same clothes.... something mere female friends never, ever do.

"Love is love to Kristen,” alleges a Star source. “She’s really happy with Alicia."

If this story is somehow true, hey, cool. No judgments here!

While Pattinson has been linked to a few women since Robsten's split (most recently someone named Cleo Wade), Stewart has remained very single.

So if she's happy, we're happy!

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!
Hooray for Kristen Stewart! The actress is now 24 years old!

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She definitely looks like a lesbian, it mght be a stereotype, but I wouldn't doubt it for a secon..she and Rob could have easily been each others beards


NOT SURPRISED. It's just a matter when she will admit it!


not true people get real


Speaking as a lesbian myself I say...hell yeah I hope that's true


It's awful that this trash is called news. Even if it did occur she was probably drunk or partying. A beauty like her doesnt need to turn lesbian.

@ j.r.

you don't "turn" lesbian, dickhead. and the fact that she is pretty has absolutely nothing to do with her sexuality. and if something made her "turn" lesbian is probably assholes like you. j


So why don't you just say there aren't any news about KS. Sources are always not named which means they can say whatever. I don't believe anything anyone writes about KS or RP. So sad there aren't any real good journalist anymore.

@ Janiekat

agree ... bulshit


Sooner or later we all come back to the poon!


so if i wearing a female friend's clothes am i lesbian??..first are you sure alicia is the kristen's girlfriend? because when kris was filming still alice lindsey byrnes was with her and guess waht? they sharing clothes even caps, so lindsey could be hers girlfriend too, or kristen wearing the rob's IRIE shirt in january in malibu or the same jacket he had in toronto a black jacket and she in ny with a blue jacket different color but the same design even the glasses he wore in LA in life set and same glasses wore kris in NOLA, so who is the love of kristen, alicia, lindsey or rob??


If instead of Alicia this was a guy (sharing clothes with her and being on all the pictures of Kristen taken during her free time) you would say that they are definately dating. Just because it's a girl you refuse to accept it.


I agree with you. Bullshit


WINY...same here...this story are FOS!!!