Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Photos: Stunning Before and After!

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As the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel may never have to worry about money, but apparently the 28-year-old singer/songwriter was very concerned about her appearance. 

It's hard to believe, but that's Alexa on the right and the left.

Alexa Ray Joel: After Plastic Surgery
Alexa Ray Joel: Before Plastic Surgery

Must have been all those years of the world unflatteringly comparing Alexa to her model mother that drove her to so dramatically alter her looks. 

Alexa's transformation is one of the most surprising since the Heidi Montag plastic surgery bonanza that involved her undergoing a shocking 10 procedures in one day.

As with Heidi, reviews of Alexa's new looks have been decidedly mixed.

Across the Internet, most seem to agree that Alexa is more traditionally pretty post-operation, but many also feel her appearance has lost some of its quirky charm.

See another eye-popping side-by-side photo comparison below:

Alexa R. Joel

Yeah. Pretty intense.

For better or worse, she now resembles a slew of generically attractive aspiring actresses, while bearing little resemblance to the Alexa Ray we knew.

No word yet on how Alexa's famous parents feel about the changes in their daughter's appearance, but it's hard to imagine Billy isn't the slightest bit offended.

After all, Alexa went to such great lengths to look less like him. That's gotta hurt.

Check out more memorable celebrity plastic surgery fails in the gallery below:


She just looks like Billy Joel in drag. #stillnotcute


Alexa Ray was adorable before the surgery but very insecure. Now she looks devoid of a soul and I am sure she will feel more confident. Billy Joel is old now remember. He was actually considered good looking when he was younger. What can I say, I have had plastic surgery and started with my nose (as did Alexa Ray) as I had a hang up about it. It looked much better afterwards. I had a couple of other procedures done but I don't look plastic. Thank goodness I don't have much money or I would most likely have been one of those plastic addicts as I have had serious self esteem issues since my childhood. I am now in my early 60's and still have issues but since the surgery not nearly as much. I feel badly for Alexa Ray. She had too much to live up to in her mother and I get it. Yet, she was perfect as she was...


Ordinarily I would say not to change too much, but in Alexa's case, she was hampered by looking too much like her (sorry) homely father. It just wasn't fair to her because I'm sure she is a wonderful person. With her more feminine look and prettier features, I'm sure she will be more proud of who she is, and will enjoy a happier frame of mind.


She looks 100% better. Congrats!


They look good before surgery, we'll most of them. I don't know why they want to change their bodies. Theses people look good before surgery and not so great after. But that's my opinion.


Good for you, Alexa! You look beautiful and you had a great plastic surgeon who knew what he/she was doing. God bless and much happiness with your new look!

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