11 Alicia Silverstone Quotes: Clueless Quips From a Complete Quack

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Alicia Silverstone's Kind Mama parenting book is taking the Internet by storm, and not in a good way. If you haven't heard about it, here's a synopsis:

In Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone claims to have the answers regarding how to avoid things like cancer, thyroid conditions, diabetes, infertility, and depression. 

Basically, her answer is "eat more plants." She calls them "kind foods" but that's it in a nutshell. And she sort of comes off sounding like a big ol' nut. See?

If you listen to Alicia Silverstone, you need to:

  1. Stop using tampons because your "chichi" will absorb phthalates.
  2. Practice the "kind mama" way to avoid postpartum depression.
  3. NOT vaccinate your kids because of anecdotes, which, FYI are NOT science.

So maybe she's on to something with the chemicals in tampons, but tampon manufacturers probably aren't out to get us. And any woman who calls her vagina a "chichi" loses any and all respectability points.

If you can't say "vagina" in public, maybe don't be talking about them. Shailene Woodley, who is not a mom, has no trouble saying the word vagina out loud. And she's pretty open about what she lets hers absorb.

Silverstone REALLY riled up the postpartum support community with her comments that "kind mamas" don't typically get postpartum depression.

According to Postpartum Progress, the most widely read blog IN THE WORLD on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, 1 in 7 women will experience a postpartum depression and/or anxiety and that's only the cases that get diagnosed.

1. In. 7.

Telling moms who've survived what she herself was lucky not to experience that if only they'd done things her way they wouldn't have suffered is, well, a load of crap. 

And finally, but certainly not the least offensive thing to come out of her book, Alicia Silverstone doesn't believe in vaccinating her children against childhood and now-eradicated diseases. (Diseases which were eradicated because of vaccines...)

She joins the likes of Kristin Cavallari and Jenny McCarthy who also believe that there's a link between vaccines and the rising rates of autism despite any scientific evidence linking the two.

Perhaps we shouldn't be taking parenting advice from someone whose biggest claim to fame remains a film she made in 1995 where she played a ditzy high school student eager to lose her virginity. 


I had to shake my head at her parenting methods only because they are so different from mine. Amazing my kids all turned into great and healthy adults and I didn't once chew their food. But this is her child and more power to her. I will say most first time mothers are flying by the seat if their pants, learning as we go. We just didn't have the celebrity to write a book. Mine would have been funnier, like the time I got so frustrated tring to get jello down my daughter I dumped the whole thing over her head. And she never had to go into therapy.


I think we need to give her some credibility as I must say she is one of the FEW young stars we didn't see in the tabloids every other day making
a public spectacle of their fucked up life. Very few young Hollywood actresses can say that. JMO.


There are A LOT of people who don't believe in vaccinations, and it's pretty offensive that whoever wrote this article would say who ever does that is wrong. There are scientific facts regarding that actually.... So maybe before you write, get your facts straight.

@ Jayme hunter

Ummm... Exactly what SCIENTIFIC facts are there that support the antivaxing movement? Don't worry, I'll wait because I want to see a scientific journal or research paper. Something credible, not some bullcrap you pulled off of google.


Shes no worse than Paltrow, Beyonce, Bono etc.
Most celebs are for entertainment value only.
few have anything particularly intelligent to say, most barely finished high school and think theyre wealth came with intelligence.
Stop empowering them by giving them a soapbox to stand on just because you liked a movie, tv show, sport they performed well in.


In a society where people often rely on expensive medical procedures rather than doing the right thing by their bodies to stay alive and healthy, maybe we shouldn't be cyber-bullying someone who has some ideas on how we can better look after ourselves. Or are you OK with current levels of cancer, diabetes and heart disease?

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Infants who are left in their diapers all day get out of tune with their bodies ... because they get used to walking around in a toilet...So step away from the Pampers.

Your chichi is the most absorbent part of your body.