Zac Efron Bodyguard Speaks: Actor Saved My Life!

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What was Zac Efron doing on Skid Row last night? 

How did the actor end up getting into a melee with a couple of homeless men?

TMZ spoke to the bodyguard who was with Efron in a shady area of Los Angeles late Sunday night and the man says he and the actor were on their way to a restaurant in Little Tokyo they ran out of gas.

After Efron accidentally smashed a bottle near a few transients, the unnamed bodyguard says the antagonists stabbed him in the face, stomach and chest with a shank-like “spear.”

Zac then got out of the vehicle, vodka bottle in hand, and helped fend off the attack. The bodyguard says Efron saved his life as a result.

TMZ has refused to reveal this cohort's identity, but says he has a history of drug use and violence.

This doesn't mean he can't be speaking the truth, of course.

But many questions are being raised of Efron's state of mind and well-being following this incident because an officer says the star was "obviously intoxicated" and because Efron has spent time in rehab for cocaine addiction.

We'll update this story when more news breaks.

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Why don't they just tell the truth.....A drug deal gone bad (period, end of subject).


Who the Hell runs out of gas nowadays?


We all like Zac and we will say that he should stay away from places like Skid Row because it is too dangerous. Luckily he is ok, but could have turned out different. Part of the stars because of the roles they play believe they are invincible but it is a very dangerous world and Skid Row after dark is not a place to be.

Avatar zac efron was pleased to give him a blowjob, folks.

@ Mister+Baja

get a life loser, trash like you only post crap like that because their life sucks....