What Time Is It? Daylight Saving Time 2014 Takes America By Storm

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In a stunning and unprecedented turn of events, Daylight Saving Time 2014 shook the nation to its core Sunday, prompting rattled citizens to ask "What Time Is It?"

Seriously. The trending topics on Google at the moment include "Daylight Savings Time," "What Time is It?" and "Local Time." It's chaos out there in America.

Earlier this morning, for the first time since March 2013, U.S. residents (Arizona, Hawaii and P.R. excluded ... lucky) were required to set their clocks forward.

By one hour exactly. Jaws? Hitting the ground nationwide.

Fear not, though. Breathe. We got this, people. We got it.

THG has provided a helpful Daylight Saving Time 2014 visual aid to assist you and keep you on an even emotional keel amid the pandemonium. You're welcome:

Daylight Saving Time 2013
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the best news in years..............


Get rid of this stupid daylight savings time.