The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Everybody Hates Lisa!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 marked the first part of the show's reunion, and the drama was predictably off the hook.

You're not going to believe it, given the events of the past 19 weeks, but Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards attacked Lisa Vanderpump, and vice versa.

Brandi also came at Joyce and told her she looked like a figure skater in her sparkly dress, while reiterating that she's like the least racist person ever.

Yeah ... all in all, it made for an awkward, tension-filled night on Bravo.

Any notion that Brandi and Joyce were back on amicable terms went out the window quickly on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20.

Seriously, what happened between the two of them? Talk about off.

Rehashing all of the issues they had this season is pretty standard, but they truly acted like they haaaate one another, and it just got ugly out there.

In a sense, it was mostly predictable for a RHOBH reunion show.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, this is what you come for, as it's the ladies at their most unscripted. Yet it was pretty boilerplate.

Perhaps the most interesting part was when Andy asked Lisa point blank if she was able to dish it out, but not take it. Oooh, the truth hurts, doesn't it?

The long pause, along with Lisa's uncomfortable body language more or less confirmed that this is the case, even if she didn't come out and say it verbatim.

Also, Brandi insinuated that Lisa is an alcoholic. Good times.

Finally, a special thank you to unheralded cast member Yolanda Foster for giving us Gigi Hadid. This great contribution to the planet can't be understated.


I still think Lisa has a heart of gold. If she's not on next season, I'll stop watching, just like HW of Orange County without Gretchen. I also stopped watching HW of NY because they're all nasty. I can take a little drama, but it's out of control on all the HW shows.


Brandi is not a wife or mother any one would want - she appears to be a drunk and a slut type woman - brags about sex activities that no street walker would even mention. Wonder why Eddie doesn't remove the children from her custody - it can't be great for those children with her approach to life which is very foreign to good for them.

@ elaine

Joyce is not a good fit for housewives. Oh my, her run on mouth! Joyce needs to be an auctioneer. Brandi has hurt herself a great deal this season and I'm not sure if she can rebound. I'm sure there is a place for Brandi in Hollywood however, I'm not sure that it's a housewife show. Lisa is just a good soul and I don't think there is a housewife in the world that can't relate to her. She's shown her true colors, so what if Lisa is sensitive? Really, she has never offended me. I find Lisa to be refreshing and animated. Very funny lady, with class. And I agree with Brandi, Lisa could get away with murder because of her glowing resume and award winning personality! But my personal favorite, Kim, she's is and should be an inspiration. Kim is such an actress, I hope she will be offered more rolls in TV and return to the lime light. She's hysterical and she's just so humble. I feel like Kim could be a friend!


You're an idiot. Andy's question wasn't the truth about Lisa. Andy's just up Brandi's a** because she's despicable like he is. Same reason he loves Tamra & calls her the "perfect housewife." He loves horrible people.


Connie is spot on.


Lisa is a lady , brandi is a poisonous snake .


Brandiis gutter trash.


Brandi has been trouble since her first appearance. I cant stand to watch her. She was all about Lisa until Ms "Dutch" came along with all her jealousy of Lisa. What happened to the good days (Camille, Adrienne, etc) All we get now is filthy talk and OMG a devious WITCH. These 3 ladies are not fit for TV


Well, Lisa won't look like the culprit if Brandi stayed true with their friendship. Just because Lisa was mothering her, she had to trash Lisa to everybody so everybody will hate her. I'm telling you, Brandi is a Viper
and very capable of starting trouble. Unhappy bitch, is what she is. As for the witch, she has to go. Nobody has interest in her witchcraft, and she is so annoying. Pls. let her go, or I won't watch next season.

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