The Bachelor Spoilers: Are Juan Pablo and [Winner] Even Together?

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The Bachelor Season 18 comes to a gripping conclusion tonight, when Juan Pablo Galavis gets down on one knee and pops the question to his soulmate.

Or not. But someone will win the final rose, FWIW.

Barring a stunning development in which Juan pulls a Brad Womack and picks no one this evening either Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley will win Season 18.

We could actually see that happening, for sure, but The Bachelor spoilers indicate he does in fact choose someone. But who? And how? And does it last?

For those details, just read on, The Bachelor fans ...

So will Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become Juan Pablo's wife? We're going to go ahead and say no and no, based on what we know of this guy.

That said, Galavis does choose one woman over the other:

Nikki Ferrell will walk away as your winner this evening.

The most controversial and least popular Bachelor ever has been accused of not taking this so seriously, and according to Reality Steve, doesn't propose.

According to inside sources, Galavis is still "hurt" after getting dumped by Andi Dorfman and "doesn't necessarily find his soul mate with Clare and Nikki."

It is speculated that Juan Pablo and the winner "left as a couple" after the St. Lucia season finale, but there are no engagement or marriage plans. At all.

So are they still together, since that was October?

Rumors have suggested that when the After The Final Rose special airs tonight, we'll learn that they aren't even together after the "journey" we just watched.

Not necessarily, the latest reports indicate.

They are still together as of the ATFR taping, and not only that, the producers are trying to convince Juan Pablo Galavis to propose on the broadcast!

Think he will? We have serious doubts.

The Bachelor spoilers and predictions have been accurate this season, so we're still anticipating a very short lived relationship between Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell.

Still, we've been wrong before, more than once, and until you watch The Bachelor online (or live), you'll ever know with 100 percent certainty what happens.

UPDATE: It's over! Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis are a couple!

That's right, a couple. She got the rose, but he didn't propose.

Clare Crawley got the boot, and Nikki won. But that's it.

A quick rundown on the season finale:

  • He told Nikki that he had a ring in his pocket, but he's "not gonna use it" because he's "not 100 percent" sure he wants to marry her, but "I like you a lot."
  • Somehow, she accepted the final rose anyway.
  • He told Clare something so offensive that she won't even repeat it on the program and she can't even bear the thought of talking to him again.
  • His big "surprise" was that they are still together!
  • He won't say "I love you," but they're a couple.
  • We think. They don't seem to have any plans.
  • He seems like kind of a jerk to be honest.

As for whether Juan and Nikki have any sort of future, we'll have to wait until the After the Final Rose special, and likely a long time beyond that, to find out ...

Juan Pablo and Nikki: Will it last?

Worst Bachelor ever?


First thing most of you don't get is he IS latino. They live by a whole different set of standards and rules. (MEN RULE, wemon follow) NOT to say I condone this but this is the way it is with south of the border people. Half of the conversations to him went un-understood (Word?)
Its okay. No depth, lights on but no ones home. Nikki does leave him after a couple few months. This is never going to work out. Not even for a moment!!! He is the male version of a dumb blonde. (Sorry ladies)


If he wasn't in love with either of the two women who were still standing at the end of the journey, I would have respected him far more if he had walked away from both of them. THAT would have been honest. It seems like he just picked Nikki because he felt obligated to pick one of them, and she was more agreeable and easy to manipulate than Claire. I think he had genuine feelings for Sharleen, and when she left he didn't really care anymore, but was under contract to finish the show so just went through the motions without his heart being involved. I feel really bad for Nikki, clearly she was devastated when he didn't tell her he loved her back on their final date, and now she's putting on a brave front and pretending it's fine. Most self-respecting women would not be fine with that at all. It doesn't take "time" to fall in love with someone, it's either there or it's not. What takes time is finding balance in the relationship after the "honeymoon phase" has passed...that whole phase never even existed for them. If she doesn't see that, she is in major denial. Poor girl. I hope she isn't preggers as some have suggested...that would really suck for her to be tied to a man who doesn't love her for the rest of her life!


Actually feel sorry for Juan Pablo, after the episode where the women all slated him the programme was edited to make him look like a jerk from then on, with english being his second language he was always going to struggle with deep meaningful conversations. He was expected to find love in 10 weeks, what was he supposed to do if he didn't find it, lie??? Why couldn't he just find someone to date then take if from there, he has a daughter to consider, at least he didn't lie to himself!

@ Lesley

I agree. Everyone knows what they are walking into when they come on the show. Honesty is honesty however you look at it but if hes not in love at this moment and only time will tell, then so be it. Obviously they are in a relationship so he has feelings and just wants to take it slow and only time will tell. I wouldnt rush either if i wasnt 100% sure.


Juan Pablo is full of IT!!! He most certainly does not understand American ways!! He just wanted publicity. His rules are his only concern. Anyone stupid enough to marry him will be the unhappiest person ever. Everyone should tell this CREEP to get lost because he is not a good person. Let"s "BE HONEST" he thinks the world should revolve around him not anyone else. This guy needs to go back to his country and stay there--- we have had more than enough of Juan Pablo. Claire.I am so glad you Finally saw he is a No-Good _____________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE women this guy is Bad News!!!!!!!


Juan Pablo is the reason why guys act the way they do. Girls like Claire and Andi are the epitome of womanly independence. I had no respect for Claire until a few hours ago. She did the right thing and did not sugar coat her feelings. Nicki, I have no respect for. She completely forgot her morals, values and plans when she found out Juan did not want to marry her. She couldn't bear the absence of "I love you" and now she is permitting it. Sketchy.


He is simply rude. Never cared for him and never will. Nikki you deserve more than him..get the hell out of this non loving relationship while you can. He's such an ass


I can't stand him...but it may be too late for Nikki. I think she is already pregnant... Tonight after the rose, he said their plans changed a couple weeks ago and seemed to refer to her tummy! Rewind and watch!

@ J-Bear

I was thinking the same thing. As if they will be able to hide something like that!! If that is the situation then poor Nikki. He is not husband material and certainly not father material. I feel bad for Camilla as well:(


What a joke.
He is as shady, as a 100 year old tree!!
What a looser, and he has a problem telling the truth, and can't look anybody in the eyes,super super shady..,
Never gonna last, if it even happens!! I hope for her sake, it don't , having babies, ties You to him, for the rest if your life, think long and hard,dont screw up your life, for shady eyed man.......
Run girl, run fast, don't even look back! Run like the wind !!!!!!

@ Theresa

Totally agree. He never gives a straight answer. And people who are honest don't usually feel the need to keep talking about how honest they are all the time like he does...shady, shady, shady!


Juan you are a joke the reason to go on that show is to fall in love and to propose to the woman you pick you wasted all of Americas time go back home the show show should sue you


So, he wants the one who dumped him, right? That figures.

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