Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Reconciliation Attempt: Yeah, Right!

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Justin Bieber may think Selena Gomez is an elegant princess, but Selena Gomez thinks Justin Bieber is immature and idiotic.

Not long after Bieber attempted to make nice with his ex-girlfriend this week - posting a photo of Gomez on Oscars night and saying she looks beautiful - sources tell TMZ that Selena had one response to the Instagram stunt.

And it can be summed up in one word: HA!

Up Close with Selena Gomez

Selena has seen it before and she's fallen for it before and she really is done with Justin, an insider says.

She actually laughed out loud, according to this report, upon seeing Bieber's lame attempt at reconciliation and is sticking by her party line:

She went to rehab to get over Justin and now she's out of rehab... and over Justin!

We're guessing Gomez could even come up with a number of reasons why she sort of wants to punch Justin Bieber.

Foremost among them? The following text message exchange, in which Bieber allegedly refers to Gomez as "talentless," among many other harsh words:


stay away frm him hes nt gay tho but he an stupid guy he should be the old him


Personally , I detest that pretencious whore , Selena Gomez. Most of her fans are blinded by her sweetness but in reality she's just another Illuminanti puppet. I never listened to her trash i.e music. Miley has a better voice than her but still a nut job. Justin and Selena are destined to destroy each other emotionally and all. Thats the deal with their master. Stop making stupid ppl famous ffs! Who tf cares whether they are together or not. Idgaf bout their cluster fuck drama of a relationship. When one of them dies then that would be news or maybe both.


THG, you keep referencing these text messages between the two when you yourself posted an article about how it was all fake! What's up with that?


Love yourself, cute beauty! Don't bother by others.


he hates it being "connected" to loser girls like selena!!


All this teenage drama and neither is a teen any longer. Selena is a couple of years older than Bieber, who just turned 20. This relationship has turned toxic, even without the help of Taylor Swift who keeps adding her two cents. Bueber seems to have gotten into bad company with many hangers on who ok everything their meal ticket does.

@ Spare Me

I haven't seen much, if anything, about any 'interference' by Taylor. In fact, from what I've read, Taylor was one of those telling Selena that Bieber is an @$$. How is Taylor at fault for being right?


But how will she get any publicity if Justin Disappears. The only thing we ever see about her concerns Justin. She'd already have faded into the woodwork w/out his name connected to hers. She'll milk it like a Kardashian. that's all she's got.

@ guest

'The only thing we ever see about her concerns Justin'. How is that true? Selena started on TV YEARS before anyone ever heard of Bieber. Wizards of Waverly Place was on TV a year before Bieber was known on the music scene. The only reason she's associated with Bieber anymore is he keeps trying crap to win her back. And the only reaso Bieber is in the headlines anymore is for all the illegal activity. Selena still has a lot of success in her future & is still a person people want to see & hear. Bieber's 15 minutes were up a LONG time ago & unless he grows up he is likely COMPLETELY done with any musical career.

@ Emanon

so i take it as your one of selenas fans ?

@ Mara

I do think she's talented & will continue to have a successful singing & acting career. If that classifies me as a fan then sure. At least Selena has maturity & common sense. She's still young & will likely make some decisions that aren't the best but I don't ever see her slipping to Bieber's level. Luckily I think she has more sense than that & a better support system of family & friends.


I love u justin Bieber but I agree with Selena u need help!😧


One bullsh*t at a time please


I totally agree with dat jst block da number....

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