Ray J Compares Fan to Planet of the Apes Character, Instagram Hater Wants Apology

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Ray J finds himself in hot water after comparing one of his fans to a character straight out of The Planet of the Apes, which is really not very nice of him.

He says he was giving a bully a taste of her own medicine, though.

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Ray captioned the above photo on Instagram, "I usually don't go this hard but ... This chick look exactly like a character on Planet of the Apes. I'm not even kidding."

He's not even kidding. He doesn't normally go this hard, except if he's filming a Kim Kardashian sex tape, in which case ... wow. Just wow. SO hard.

But seriously folks. The fan Ray J targeted, Tina Chastang, tells TMZ she is mortified that he singled her out on the social network with that kind of insult.

She admits he didn't just toss that up unprovoked, however.

Tina confesses that she was needling Ray J on Instagram, telling him, "Ray J you are irrelavant. Why dont you stop worry about Kim Kardashian."

She adds, "Why dont you talk about you being gay."

Still, she believes he took it too far with his post.

In her mind, she's thousands of whom trash talk the quasi-celebrity online, whereas in retaliation, he made a mockery of her on a global scale.

Tina wants an apology. Don't hold your breath, T.

A Ray J source tells the celebrity gossip site, "This girl is an Instagram bully. She's been making negative comments on everything Ray J posts for months."

Adds the friend of Kim K.'s ex-boyfriend, "He's been trying to take the high road, but finally decided he needed to give her a taste of her own medicine."

Whose side are you on? Vote below:


T.J. Jackson
T.J. Jackson, Michael's nephew, was Kim's first love. It's believed that he was her "first" in the physical sense as well.

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Actually, I was thinking the same thing about Ray J every since Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub, and Ray J was suppose to be the last person to see her. Ray J looks like one of the crazy gorrillas in Planet of the Apes. Looked about like when OJ's wife was found dead and Chris Kartrashian was suppose to be having an affair with OJ. Crazy shit happens around the Kartrashian puppet Planet of the Apes Gorrilla spinoffs.


be honest: he is close to the truth.
..............just laugh about it, hahahahahahahahaha!!


The photo was taken at a wierd angle obviously. How mean and hurtful anyone is to comment on a young womens or anyones looks. Who are you to judge and what about yourselfs?? There is something called Karma and what you do and say will come back and bite you in some way! feeling like you had a little bad luck Harry and Ray J????


Wow that little monkey face needs to go somewhere with her longface having self . Looks like she just got done playing with Diane Fosey . Monkeygirl go have yo'selv another baby

@ Harry

You are rude and uneducated. Enjoy your life looser, your obviously not going anywhere fast. and I feel bad for anyone around you, whom are your supposid friends and family if you have any.

@ ~Well+Listen+here~

Your answer would be much more effective if not for the spelling and grammatical errors. If you're going to call someone out be on point.


Wow that little monkey face needs to go somewhere with her longface having self . Looks like she just got done playing with Diane Fosey . Monkeygirl go have yo'selv another baby



@ (((@)))++JOY

++Joy, Calm down...you good today girl...did you get that tooth of yours glued in ok today?