Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video Features Original Song, Wins the Internet

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A video made by an expecting husband and wife has been shared over two million times over various forms of social media.

And it's easy to see why.

Titled "From Bump to Buzz," the three-minute long footage features a man named Tom Fletcher serenading his wife with an original track titled "Something New."

Filmed time-lapse style, we see the wife's baby bump growing ever larger in every frame... until the video concludes with something very new and exciting: a newborn son!

It's beautifully edited, sang and crafted all around. Watch now and prepare to melt...


Apparently only the recent boy bands have gained fame in the US otherwise you would know Tom Fletcher is one of the singers from McFly. A British boy band that's been around for 11 years now and still going.

@ Cat

I am from America and I know who they are...apparently this website doesn't know...but that wouldn't be a first


baby girls need more musik, folks!!

Teya jon

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You do realize that Tom Fletcher is in fact a very well known singer in the UK, right?

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