Porsha Stewart to Be Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta Over Kenya More Beatdown?

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Will the explosive reunion show that ended with Porsha Stewart fighting Kenya Moore be the former's final episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Rumors are swirling that Bravo executives may fire Porsha imminently after she reportedly beat the crap out of Moore over sex toy taunts and more.

There have already been discussions, but no decisions ... yet.

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“She has not been fired,” a source close to the production dished. “Obviously it’s not good what she did. It’s not the sort of thing that any parties want."

Seemed like Porsha wanted to grab Kenya's weave pretty bad.

"The women were embarrassed. No one wants this sort of thing to happen, but the thing is with the reunions, they’re not going to make a decision today.”

“At the end of every season, everyone will be getting evaluated on [if] they go forward for next season. Was she fired? No. Would she potentially be?"

"Who knows? Anything is possible right now, clearly.”

Bravo execs "wouldn’t make a rash decision" before anyone has even had the chance to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, sources say.

“They just shot the reunion show. The episode hasn't aired yet. A lot of conversations still have to happen ... so no decisions have been made yet.”

But it’s clear that producers Andy Cohen aren’t thrilled with this.

“Of course” they were upset with her, the source confirmed, adding that as much as anyone else, “Porsha was upset. No one wanted that to happen.”

While some reports said that Porsha, who was also accused of being Kordell's beard, was escorted offset immediately following the fight, that’s not true.

“It didn’t happen immediately,” the source said of the melee.

“It was kind of a joint effort. It got broken up quickly. And as soon as it got broken up and things settled, it was clear that Porsha was very remorseful.”

Well, that's good at least. The source concluded, “The main thing is that Porsha hasn’t been fired, but who knows what’s going to happen after this?”

What do you think: Should Porsha be fired?


These reunion shows are just setup for disaster. They provide wine and liquor to these women in their dressing rooms to help calm them before the taping. Andy Cohen had to know Kenya's props were going to irritate cast members. Any person with a brain would know this wasn't going to end well with props. Andy choose to go down the path all in the name of ratings. Now that the viewers have gone after him it's seems andy is playing the victim as well. Appearing with a pouty face saying "no more props, I'm against violence, and I didn't see this coming". Oh pleeeeezeee, your such as Ass


No way should Porsha be fired. If anybody is fired it should be Andy for allowing Kenya to provoke the other housewives by invading their personal space and sticking all those different gadgets in their faces.. NeNe tried to warn him but he did not listen. Poscha is young and does not have the life experience to deal with someone invading her space. Kenya, earlier in the show, tried it with NeNe but she(NeNe) made it clear to Andy that she would not answer any of his questions if he did not shut Kenya down. Kenya knew exactly what she was doing and was successful with the weakest one, Porscha. This is evidenced by her first statement after she got up off the floor which was, "You' re gone". Listen carefully to the whole interview and watch the antics of this woman. It is absolutely ridiculous that Kenya was allowed to do what she did and now they want to fire Porscha. I think she wanted somebody, anybody to kick her butt resulting(in her mind) in their firing. The producers, clearly, were not thinking clearly on this one.


If they are going to fire someone then fire both Kenya and Porsha. They both bring nothing more than ratcheted ghetto to the show. Kenya touting she is a remodel for younger women is a joke. That's like say Jeffrey Dalmer is a role model for coniviors. Bravo allowed physical altercations between Daniel Staub and Thersa as well the violent physical fight between the to brother-in --laws in rhonj, Apollo cracking a rib of another person, Kenya pulling Nene's ear, the list goes on. I won't be watching this show anymore as it has escalated to just a group of ghetto black women who will stop at nothing for ratings and trying to secure their slot on the show. I actually feel bad that all the franchises of real housewives have gone done this path. It's so degrading to women in general and Bravo continues to exploit these women. Andy Cohen has turned into a real A-hole. Only calling out any inappropriate gay issues. As a gay man myself I know he does this because he knows the gay community would not tolerate him sitting back without taking issue. Good Bye Real Housewives you had a good run... I can only hope others will at the very least stop watching the Atlanta version.


Bullying should not be allowed at any age, it was time for porcha to snap she has been tainted by Kenya for years, that's what bravo wants that's why Andy allows all the below the belt hits but then when someone snaps he acts surprised, really c'mon


Seems as if Kenya has over stepped her boundaries in her attempt to dethrone NeNe who in their right mind treats a dog better tha a human being Kenya sits shedding crocodile tears over a dog and calls Porshea a dumb whore Kenya is an immature,
stuck on stupid, educated fool
All of the cast should've kicked her ass Kenya must have a penis the only that seems interested is Appollo wonder where he would stick it mmmm


Porsha should not be fired. Fire Kenya. She fake and only stirs trouble. Kenya provoked her and got what she was asking for. Remove Kenya. Kenya wants to be a princess, learn how to shut up. Speak with grace.


Seems as if Ms kenya overstepped her boundary in her attempt to uproot NeNe How can anyone sit and cry about a dog and try to demean a human being? It was stated by on CNN that Kenya was an actress brought in for the drama Keya is an immature, educated fool


I think she should be fired, there is no reason to put your hands on anyone, if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. Secondly, what is this for young girls to look at, it's bad enough females don't bond that well, we as women can nurture everyone and everybody except for each other. At the end of the day reality isn't really reality at all, the way reality shows began is not what they represent today, the idea is if you have some sort of controversy/fight, you will have a place on the show, quite frankly she should be embarrassed of the way she is behaving at her age. I'm done with this negative mess of a show, and Andy Cohen needs to do something about what has happened, Porsha is boring, whiney, silly, immature, and needs to get a real job, Kordell knew what he was doing, and he got out of that marriage on time.


I dont think Porsha should be fired. all she been going though with her divorce and trying to make it she do not need someone to keep talking mess about her. Kenya have all that mouth she should back it up like she say she can do when Phaedra said something about doing something. I think Kenya need what was coming to her soon or later someone was going to hit her

@ ameena lewis

If she did not want to be fired, she should have never touched Kenya. That is grounds for termination. If you lay your hands on another employee on your job, you will be automatically fired from your job.

Mia gibson

kenya moore porsha williamson should really both be get fired as well. theres no excuse for what they did how they behaved at the reunion. they both really need consequence to their action behavior poor choice. my friend margaret greene chrystal headds angela thomas lala bolden. would not think its acceptable okay for the both of them to do what they done.

@ Mia Gibson

But Kenya did not put her hands on Porsha. Once one person puts their hands on another, the behavior goes to another level; -assault. And that is a legal issue.

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