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Hilary Duff seems to be making some major changes to her appearance following her split from Mike Comrie, her NHL player husband of several years.

  • Hilary Duff "Before" Photo
  • Hilary Duff: Twitter Selfie

The former Disney star and new mom tweeted the above photos over the weekend, but offered little in the way of why she looks like two different people.

"Suuuuuuper blonde. No extensions...murdered my color today," Duff tweeted along with the second photo.

There's no doubt that she looks good, but its surprising that an actress who's been so often hailed for maturing gracefully would try to look so...different.

Naturally, it's Hilary's face/hair/body and she's free to make all the changes she wants, but some fans are upset as they feel the stripped down, overalled Hilary on the left is the one they've come to know and love.

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Khloe Kardashian is rocking the boat in a big way with a couple of new selfies she just posted on Instagram during her family vacation to Thailand.

Seriously. Perching on the railing like that has to rock the vessel somewhat.

  • Khloe Kardashian: Sailor?
  • Khloe Kardashian Kleave

The 29-year-old star strikes a pinup-like pose in one-piece bathing suit with bright red lips and what looks to be a nautical-themed hat of some kind.

"And then my soul saw you," she captioned the pics, whatever that means.

In any case, it's clear that Kardashian is loving herself these days in a good way. She lost approximately 30 pounds in 2013, and her fashion confidence shows it.

"I have worked really hard to be healthy, and I am proud of my body! It's all ME!" said Khloe, who is really, seriously, hopefully not taking Lamar Odom back.

"I'm feeling good," the reality star added in an interview with Cosmopolitan recently. "I've worked hard on my body, so I think now I can sex it up a little!"

Clearly, Kim Kardashian selfies and Kylie Jenner bikini photos have some competition when it comes to the famous family's social media overexposure.

Your move, Kim, Kendall and Kylie ...

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With her TV show in decline and her debut album tanking with critics and consumers alike, Lea Michele is doing everything she can to stay in the spotlight these days.

  • Lea Michele: Kids Choice Awards
  • Lea Michele: Upskirt at Kids Choice Awards

Naturally, she's fallen back on one strategy that's a time-honored favorite among fading starlets: showing some skin! Unfortunately, no one in Lea's camp bothered to tell her that a Nickelodeon awards show with a mainly pre-teen audience might not be the best place to show off the goods.

Lea's outfit (seen above) might not reach Lady Gaga levels of public nudity, but bear in mind, this is the Kids Choice Awards - a place grown-up celebs share the stage with tween sitcom stars who can't yet buy tickets to PG-13 movies.

Hardly the place for a Marilyn Monroe-style upskirt moment in a nearly see-through dress.

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Brandi Glanville rushed her son to the hospital over the weekend, sending LeAnn Rimes into a Twitter frenzy, which we know because both live Tweet life.

Like seriously, 24/7/365, the women of Eddie Cibrian are beefing or sparring over Twitter. It's amazing, really, that these are grown adults, but so be it.

Brandi is Not Sorry

Brandi and Eddie's son Mason, was injured in an undisclosed accident, and naturally, Brandi Glanville shared the event on Twitter with cryptic Tweets:

  • 8 hours in the ER this trip to NYC Mason will never forget! 1st trip in an ambulance! All will be fine
  • Just want to thank all the hard working Dr. Nurses & EVERYONE that put up with my crying panicked ass and help save my babes life!
  • Thanks for your we'll wishes regarding Mason he is doing a lot better and all will be fine!

LeAnn, of course, caught wind of her stepson's injuries and took to Twitter:

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 concluded the show's fourth season in dramatic fashion, as a tour guide took the survivors (and us) inside Terminus.

The long awaited reunion of the survivors at the end of the train tracks posed as many new questions as it answered, however, and set the stage for Season 5.

Flashbacks of Rick and Carl as farmers at the prison contrasted ominously with the dark episode that was unfolding, as Rick broke bad like never before.

Seriously. What he did to those two ... wow. Just wow. Even for this show.

Titled simply "A," The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 was jarring at times and suspenseful throughout, from the onset to the closing moments.

Why were they ushered into the train car? And who will make it out alive?

Take your first look inside Terminus, tell us whether it's really a cannibal community and share your theories after you watch The Walking Dead online:

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne have been in a relationship since January and it seems things are still heating up between the two, if photos from their recent Mexican vacay are any indication.

Cara and Michelle seldom took their hands off each other as they cavorted on the beach and hotel balcony. Cara's Wiz Khalifa weed leaf t-shirt was just about the most clothing either of the ladies wore all weekend.

Michelle is 35 and supermodel Cara just 21, but the age difference doesn't seem to be causing any problems as the new couple is laughing or lip-locked in pretty much every photo we've seen.

At the moment it seems like these two are crazy for each other, but naturally, time will tell if Michelle and Cara's relationship is the real deal or just a short-term infatuation.

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Kim Kardashian likes many things: Money. Fame. 'Ye. Attention. More money. Fashion. North West. Family. Having sex with Ray J on camera.

But over the past several months especially, there's one thing Kim Kardashian may like more than anything else: Kim Kardashian photos!

Indeed, the reality star who has complained for years about having her picture taken by the paparazzi has jumped fully on board the selfie bandwagon.

Don't like the paps' pics? Just post pics of yourself 24/7/365!

From butt shots to cleavage close-ups to a vampire facial Kim has perfected the art of the selfie... and nearly brought the Internet down by doing so.

Here are some of Kim's most memorable self-portraits:

Kim Kardashians Butt Selfie
Hello, Kim Kardashians's rear end! The reality star posted this shot on Instagram.

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It seems at least one person has forgiven Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for assaulting his fiancee. Namely, his fiancee, Janay Palmer.

Rice and Palmer got married over the weekend, despite a whirlwind of negative press surrounding the couple after Rice was arrested for assaulting Palmer during an incident in an Atlantic City casino last month.

Always a master of romantic timing, Ray Rice allegedly assaulted Palmer the day after Valentine's Day and the couple walked down the aisle just one day later.

The 27-year-old was formally indicted for the attack.

Rice and Palmer put a rush on their nuptials after his arrest, with Friday night's ceremony being planned only "a couple weeks earlier" according to a source.

The aggravated assault charge for which Rice was indicted on Thursday is more serious than the simple assault-domestic violence charge for which Rice was originally arrested.

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Colleen Cudney was convicted of DUI in 2012, and placed on probation as a result. One condition of her probation was to remain alcohol free.

Imagine how spooked she must have been the day after St. Patrick’s Day, when the 22-year-old was summoned for a random breathalyzer test.

Colleen Cudney Photo

The Westland, Michigan resident passed, but the made the unbelievably baffling to celebrate the good news on Facebook. People are not smart.

Police told WDIV she posted, “Buzz killer for me, I had to breatalyze this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumbass."

A buzz killer for her, indeed.

But not as much so as when Colleen Cudney's LOL-tastic Facebook post got the attention of the Westland police, who notified her probation officer.

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Hugh Jackman has a background in theater, and an even more extensive background playing Wolverine. So naturally, the Aussie action star is the perfect fit for a fake musical about everyone's favorite X-Man.

Wolverine: The Musical made its brief debut during a recent interview Jackman gave to BBC radio, and if Broadway is looking for a way to get more dudes in the audience, they've found it!

In a song set to the tune of "One More Day" from Les Miserables, Jackman crooned about his ripped physique ("I gave up junk food that I know, I made that bargain long ago") and, of course, works in a plug for his upcoming flick ("I play the X-man, yes it's quite a task, in X-Men: Days of Future Past").

Sadly, the two minute clip above is the all that exists of this glorious fake musical, but with any luck, it'll go super-viral and get theater producers to take notice.

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