Naya Rivera: Kim Kardashian Klone In The Making?

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Naya Rivera seems to be taking her fashion cues from all the wrong people these days. The Glee star has lightened her hair, tarted up her wardrobe and, uh, enhanced her assets in such a way that she's begun to look like everyone's favorite famewhore, Kim Kardashian.

Naya Rivera: Cleavage Photo

Speculation about Naya's boob job began circulating last week, but her latest round of selfies has sparked an even uglier rumor: is the 27-year-old actress trying to turn into Kim K?

The similarities between these two go deeper than their appearances. Naya recently got engaged to rapper Big Sean and she's been posting glammed-up photos of herself and hitting the club scene, not unlike a pre-pregnancy Kim.

So did Naya look at Kim's life and say, "Hey, all I have to do is marry a rapper and post constant selfies and networks will pay me to sit around and argue with my sisters?" or is her gradual transformation purely coincidental?

Hopefully, someone in Naya's camp will step in and remind her that she doesn't have to resort to these tactics. Unlike Kim, she actually has some talent.

So what do you think? Is Naya becoming a Kardashian clone intentionally?


just because she lightened her hair and got engaged to a rapper she is trying to be kim k? lmao so is it fair to say that ciara is trying to be like kim too considering shes engaged to rapper future and has lightenened her hair.... oh and shes actually pregnant so i think that would be a better fit if you think everyone wants to be like kim.


Nope she can never be like kim cos her voice is too amazing...


Dumb dumb dumb....thanks to keeping up with the kardashians fashion is dead I'm not saying naya is getting style tips from that show cus don't think that at all I think its dumb that you would say that but like I said thanks to kim k every girl is wearing the same bandage dress in different colors seems like every girk is trying to be a clone of kim and its killing the creative spirit of fashion from normal persons perspective....ugh!


good thing but delete kim's sister khloe.