Miley Cyrus Unfollows Demi Lovato: What Happened?!?

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They are both young, successful and wildly popular in the world of music.

So aren't Miley Cyrus  and Demi Lovato making like Taylor Swift and Lorde? Why are these stars not only distant, but full-on enemies at this point?

It goes all the way back to 2009 and a video Miley made at the time that mocked Demi and Selena Gomez.

The relationship was frosty for years after that and Lovato then stoked the feuding flames when she dissed Miley in a Tweet earlier this year.

Click around below and relive the steps that led Cyrus to the ultimate move just a few days ago: unfollowing Lovato on Twitter. We told you this was serious!


And me I say and or according to them but they are not intrude to anything but they must face the conquiencses and they must be taught to not to being one of those jerks that you see all the time but it's not right other people and mAke them grounded or maybe being punished as well and please take this advice form me and they should now better than that but they are just teens and give them they wanted like some lack of esteem and or whatever they want for you and you do it for them okay


I don't like Miley. Demi is better than her.


and Demi is probably very happy about that-other than the yes men and kiss ups Smelly goes thru people that actually get close to her very quickly-like Liam they just don't find her to be a good person she is a fame drooling twitter obsessed hore that acts like a spoiled 6 year old for attention always negatively acting out and encouraging kids as young as 8 to do the same-her Tour is like a playground for pedophiles-a pervert trap even where young girls are drawn and then encouraged to act like sluttts -you don't think the pedophiles are just lurking and stalking looking for the rebellious 12 year old who just pulled her shorts up her crotch like a thong and wants someone to buy her some booze-it's like the perfect set up for them and the Smelly Circus is the bait

@ fatal

miley cyrus is 21 years old. so im puzzled as to what the fuck you are talking about.


I don't know what happened, but I still am convinced that Cheyne Thomas had some part and I think the guy makes Miley look worse in a whole lot of cases.


Miley has turned into trash. Good riddance.


Demi and Miley are fighting because miles best friend favorited a tweet Making fun of demi with the whole lady gaga situation an he's also the one that made the video making fun of her cocaine use


Please, Miley's been trying to hard to distance herself from "Hannah Montanna". She acts like she's too good for anybody except the big timers in music. So good riddance that these two aren't friends anymore. Honestly, Demi's better off. Miley's all about the booze and weed. Somebody who's been in treatment for that stuff, like Demi has, should distance herself from people like that. But whatever, they were friends once upon a time when they were teens. People just grow their separate ways. Some for the better and some not. In this case, it's the better. They're way too different now.


I've seen so many people writing fanfic about this drama, it's just useless to think we know because we don't


@gie, you're over here writing fanfic basically. And in it, you're making Miley look like a saint and Demi look like a backstabber with no evidence whatsoever. In reality, we don't know what happened, so seriously, stop making stuff up. People always say that Demi talks bad about Miley because of her image, but in reality, she's one of the ones who's stuck up for her throughout 2013. You can't expect someone to always agree with another person and all Demi has done is express her opinions while Miley has done the same, they just happen to have different ideals. Other than that is the Cheyne Thomas bs because that dude has stirred the pot like nothing. Let's not pretend they both didn't have a part in whatever happened. An unfollow isn't even that big a deal, they've unfollowed before.


Why not try Hawaii?

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