Miley Cyrus Poses with Sex Toy Because of Course She Does

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Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, she can't really shock us anymore.

Over the past couple weeks, the singer has simulated oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator... put a fan's thong in her mouth... and kissed Katy Perry during a concert.

So, yes, the singer posted a photo today on Twitter of herself holding a sex toy called the Hand of Adonis and also of her aiming at her crotch with the caption "#tourlife."

And the Internet pretty much shrugged...

Seriously, when you've already masturbated naked in a music video, it's hard to elicit a reaction with your clothes fully on. This is just a fact at this point.

Here are some more examples of Miley being naughty:

Miley Cyrus "Adore You" Cover
Yup, Miley Cyrus is topless again. This time, it's for the "Adore You" remix cover.

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Just a very few years ago, I was sitting at a table at a conference with other attendees. Between boring sessions, the table was chit-chatting and the subject of then Hannah Montana came up. Two younger ladies (not kids, but young adults) mentioned how talented and popular she was, a good role model for kids, etc, etc. I had, up to that point, begun to notice how the entertainment industry would (and still will today) get a child talent, put them through the "wholesome and kid-safe" act (ala Britney Spears) in order to bring thousands of little kids into the fan base - using their parents (who are only allowing it b/c of the "wholesome" schtick) as totally willing but unsuspecting accomplices (actually drive them to the concerts because they're "okay")...parents who generally resist the influence of the (to say the least) less-than-wholesome MTV culture in their homes. I contributed to the conversation with my two-cents by saying "well, just wait - in a year or so, they'll (her handlers, producers) will start 'slutting her up' - it happens ever time." When the two looked at me, aghast, I suddenly realized that, as a guy, I probably did not choose the best setting in which to share such a prediction about a, then, child. A little later at the close of the event, I saw the two in the foyer and gave the ol' "nice to meet you" good-bye...and they were all "uh...yeah.....uh later" as they sort of leaned away. I wonder if, after seeing the reports of her "ground breaking" teddy-bears-and-foam-finger performance, they remembered that conference.


She gave up the Christian trinity for the Discordian 23 and now this. The Discordian Pope Reverend Loveshade should be arrested for brainwashing her. Poor Miley Cyrus we know it's not your fault! Come back to us!


Miss. Piggy rides again.....




wow, I've no words to say


Trashy trashy trashy. I don't know where she went to church but they've failed her


but where is it, naïve america?