Mila Kunis Baby Bump: First Photos!

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Rumors that Mila Kunis is pregnant have been circulating for about a week now, and the fact that the actress hasn't stepped up to deny them basically means she's definitely expecting.

Still, there's been no official confirmation as of yet, so Mila was understandably coy about her growing baby bump at a Warner Brothers event in LA last night.

Note the posture and the billowy outfit. When you've got a body like Mila's you don't show up to a red carpet scenario wearing a silk bag around your midsection.

And yes, that's Channing Tatum Mila's cozying up to, but we don't think Ashton Kutcher has anything to worry about.

Channing's a married man and judging by the rock she's been sporting on her finger lately, Mila and Ashton are engaged.

With wedding bells and a baby both expected within the next year, we'd say things are going pretty well for Mila and Ashton.

We just wish they'd get around to that official pregnancy announcement already.

These two are moving at break-neck speed, but we guess that'll happen when your most recent exes are Maculay Culkin and Demi Moore. Major upgrade for both parties.


REALLY DISSAPOINTED IN HER. If he wanted kids and Demi was to old to start having kids, he never should have married her...he is scum and I watch nothing he is in. Another PITT.


Channing and his wife look way better than Ashton and Mila.

@ Mae

That's your opinion.... And here's mine : Ashton and Mila are way better looking than your fav couple ....
Sorry !

@ Nickigoddess

.....And that's your opinion.


Am I the only person who doesn't think that girl looks like Mila Kunis? I don't think it is...

@ Tee

You're right...not a good pic of her....


rubbish, she just refused to shit for the week.

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