Lindsay Lohan Sober Coach: FIRED After Reality Show!

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In news that has nothing to do with the Lindsay Lohan sex list, the actress is under fire today for allegedly not taking her sober life and recovery seriously.

Sparking rumors that her "sobriety" is just an image-remaking PR effort, the actress fired her sober living coach after her reality show was done filming.

Michael Cormier, seen on camera supporting Lohan as the OWN docu-series Lindsay chronicles the star's life after rehab, was canned shortly thereafter.

Lindsay Lohan Sideboob

“Lindsay immediately hired Michael to be her sober living coach/companion. He moved from L.A. to New York City to be with her 24/7,” says an insider.

“As soon as the cameras were packed up, Lindsay gave Michael the pink slip, and he hasn’t heard from her since,” a source close to the production told Radar.

“This wasn’t cheap for Lindsay, as Michael charges up to $1,500 a day.”

“But it was important for Lindsay to show the world she was sober. Having Michael there gave her a lot of credibility and support when she needed it.”

Needed to act like she cared, at least. For the sake of her career?

Cormier, a senior counselor at Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center, specializes in helping people through their recovery, and did all he could for Lindsay.

For instance, “Michael was insistent Lindsay distance herself from her party pal, Gavin Doyle,” the insider said of one of her notorious train wreck buddies.

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It really did appear he was by the star's side and had her back.

Cormier was also there for a meltdown she had over an apartment, telling the cameras that when she feels tricked, "it’s really intensely triggering for her.”

Ultimately, as viewers saw, Lindsay Lohan did get her dream pad. However, sources are concerned about her stability after letting sober coach Cormier go.

“Lindsay hasn’t been to an AA meeting in months. She always has an excuse about why she doesn’t go ... paparazzi or privacy issues,” the source said.

“But let’s face it, if it was important to Lindsay, she would go, period. It’s never a good thing for anyone struggling with addiction to be out there on their own.”

The Mean Girls cast member maintains that she is sober, and hasn’t been drinking or using drugs ... but you be the judge. Comment and vote in our survey:

Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?


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Lindsay may need a sober coach but I don't think Michael was the right fit for Lindsay. Michael talked to much about things I think he should have kept to himself. Michael was aware of all the negative things said about Lindsay and should have been more careful about the things he said


She'll be dead by the end of this year


Few facts of points.... She sucks coz she asked for it...
She talks but not right action,,,
She needs to really know these 5 words LEARN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!! That's all Thank you!!!