Lindsay Lohan Sex List: More Names Named!

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More self-proclaimed conquests from Lindsay Lohan's alleged "sex list" have been revealed, and there are certainly some big names on there.

Last week, the purported Lindsay Lohan sex list hit the web, supposedly ratting off 36 famous men she had done the deed with through the years.

The story was that she scrawled this down to impress friends during a night out on the town, then left her dirty laundry (so to speak) on the table.

While Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron were among those outed, a certain number of names were blurred out by celebrity gossip tabloid In Touch.

Until NOW! Check out the updated gallery of LiLo conquests here:

As for the new celebrities whose identities have been un-redacted?

Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom and Ryan Phillippe, all of whom were married or in long-term relationships at one point, are among the A-listers.

It's not clear if any of them cheated on their significant others, as Lindsay Lohan didn't provide a timeline, but wow. Even more shocking to see named?

Benicio Del Toro. And Kelly Brook's footballer ex Danny Cipriani.

As MTV notes, it's a good thing Lindsay didn't sign up for its dating show Ex On The Beach, because at this rate, she'd require a whole island.

But hey, at least she's "clean and sober" now ... we're told.


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@mikehock that was too funny!!!
Lindsay is a nasty washed up bitch! A skeleton is sexier looking than her!! Ugh!! She also got a nerve talking to people the way she does! Oprah is paying for her apt. And everything else! She will blow this free ride if she dont stop lying first to herself! U can tell she's using again!! Her life is always going to continue to spiral as long as she keeps going down the wrong road and lying!!


I would totaly do her in a heartbeat


In order for Lindsay to make a living selling dirty laundry aka she has to go on a reality show, and reveal her intimate one nighters. Otherwise she would be forced to live under a bridge since no one Is hiring her for any good movies that actually pay.


The only relationship I remember her being in for any length of time was Samatha Ronson. This list sounds totally bogus, like someone just throwing out names.


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@ Sancho

Morals? Apparently, you didn't even read the headline.


Y'all do know this list is fake don't you? Even Lindsay herself said the list was faked by In Touch.

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@ critic

he was obviously being sarcastic. his comment was in response to someone saying the list was fake. you would've seen that if you weren't so wrapped up in going on a rant where you try to sound educated . moron.


Why would anyone CARE who she did it with ????? I haven't even looked at them.


All I can think of is... "walking STD"!!!


Danny Cipriani plays rugby not football..


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