Lindsay Lohan's List of Celebrities She's Slept With: NOT SHORT!

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Lindsay Lohan apparently kisses and tells, and the actress' list of sexual conquests is not a short one, to put it mildly. She is rather proud of this too, in fact.

The 27-year-old supposedly wrote down a list of the all people she has had sex with, including many recognizable celebrities, during a night out in January.

She shared this with a group of girlfriends, according to In Touch, but (of course) left the "been there, done that" list behind on a table at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to the magazine, LiLo was "giggling and talking sh!t about people in the industry" before busting out her impromptu "personal conquest list."

"She was trying to impress her friends, but then tossed it aside," the source said.

See the gallery below for some of the names Lindsay named ... as well as the list itself, which has TONS MORE names blacked out. It's pretty crazy ...

Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan claims she got it in with Justin Timberlake back in the day.

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she's lying OBVIOUSLY


Dont belive have of them thought she was a lesban?! Well when did she sleep with them and where...


Didn't she leave out the females. She had a rather, for, Lindsey, long term relstionship with Ronson.


Does that make her the biggest tramp-slut in Hollywood or does that distinction still belong to Kim Kardashian?

@ toughcritic

How would any guy want this woman when she has slept with half the country! Are most of these woman out in Hollywood just plain sluts like the Kardashians?


The way the second paragraph is written can be construed to mean she did them all in one night...


Its pretty much common knowledge that LL came on hard to Franco and he dodged her totally.


Anyone that believes she actually slept with a lot of the guys on this list don't know anything about Lindsay Lohan. The one sure thing we do know about her is she is a LIAR! Her reality show is flopping so we're trying to drum up some business.


she came close to herpes but someone gave her a helping hand in time.