Lamar Odom Drug Dealers to Blame for Krimes Against Kardashians?!?

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Khloe Kardashian may have rid herself of Lamar Odom as a husband.

But a new report suggests the baller's drug habit is still causing problems for Khloe and her relatives.

As previously reported, both Khloe and Kourtney Kardashians were victims of a robbery in the past month; thieves broke into the former's Tarzana home.

They were serious about robbing fools, too, making off with $250,000 worth of jewelry from Khloe, while they swiped $50,000 in cash from Kourtney.

Police believe the crimes may have been committed by the same culprit(s) and a source now backs up that theory to TMZ.

According to this insider, the burglaries may have been a result of unpaid Lamar Odom drug tabs

The former NBA star allegedly fell behind in his payments to drug dealers last fall, owing over $55,000 at one point and telling these shady men that he was good for it.

TMZ claims these debts remained unpaid when Odom left to play professional basketball in Spain last month.

Moreover, Odom has reportedly been receiving threatening text messages that claimed the drug dealers would - you guessed it! - break into his home if he did not settle up.

Authorities say there was no forced entry into Khloe's mansion (which she formerly shared with Lamar) and that the dealers may have a connection to someone who works for the family.

That's scary to think about, isn't it?

And, if true, this is no way for Lamar to win Khloe back. No way at all.

It's getting harder and harder to remember when Odom and Kardashian were a happy couple...


I think that he should pay those lowlifes their money. And if they keep harassing and threatening him and his loved ones, then he should report them to the authorities. If Lamar really wants to reunite with Khloe, he is going to have to work harder and change completely.


Wow! It is so sad that these wicked kards, continues with their BASHING Lamar Odom, in everyway they can. I was married to a cocaine addicted husband for 10 years, I know by experience dealing with Drug Dealers/Loan Sharks are no joke they do not do home robberies they come to your door step ok. I have to be honest, I find it so hard to believe that Lamar Odom, owed any type of drug money debts. Remember everyone he does has his Own money, if this was the case, further more in my experience in dealing with my husbands drug dealers/long sharks (who were way more dangerous ok), went as follow first a phone call of the demands,then if the money isn't paid then comes a visit,and if by god grace the drug dealers/loan sharks have respect for you they will have mercy upon you. Well, in my case first came a gun at my husbands head, money was paid,second I received a phone call that my husband would be washed ashore on a beach all I to had do is give the choice(I reply inspite of his drugs addiction,I loved my husband). The head guy whom, I never came to know said, I know that you are a good woman/wife, and your husband does not deserve to have a woman like you. You can not be touch, you are protected by many people that you have no knowledge of. In my reply to this drug dealer/loan shark, I said, God, is my keeper and my proctector. The drug dealer said, Yes, he is and will always be, but you have your detective friends,and you also have the Japanese mafia, so I am letting you know that I will not harm your husband nor you,because you are Protected for LIFE. I hung up the phone, and wept,my point is the kardardashians,with all of their LIES, should stop all of these nonsense fabricated stories/storieslines just to stay Revelent when so many people has had that life REAL experience,that can never be Erase from their minds. It is nothing to joke or accused others when the Universe already knows that this wicked family lives on their Own Fabricated Lies,that are mostly scripted and non real for their non real reality ok. I have Experienced it, Lived it,and Survived it all by the grace of GOD. I pray that the kards, stop all the LIES, because one thing for sure they PROMOTE HATE when they think not. Think out of the box everyone. Beside, having working for the Oakland Police Department, many years ago this robbery sound fabricated and was a Planned inside job where was the hidden security cam in the house ok.Prayers and much LOVE to all who will embrace gods Love.

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