Kylie Jenner Rides Elephant in Latest Irritating Bikini Pic

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Kylie Jenner still has to work on this privacy thing.

Just a few days after pleading for privacy, the 16-year old has once again taken to Instagram in order to, naturally, share her life with the public.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is riding an elephant while in China for the image, including with it a simple caption that reads:

and then this happened...

Kylie Jenner on an Elephant

Considering the run of Kylie Jenner bikini pictures this irritating teenager has been on, the one above is relatively conservative and tame.

And let us be clear: If Kylie wants to photograph herself left and right hey, cool, no problem.

That's her prerogative and there's (somehow) a curious public who wants to know what this celebrity is up to at times.

But you can't make yourself a major public figure one second and then complain about your privacy being invaded the next second. You have chosen this life, KJ. Embrace it or change it.


If it's so irritating, why did you post it on your website? Does this article provide any insightful detail? No.
Does any article about the Kardashians provide us with useful information? No. Do you know how I know these idiots? Because of your stupid website. You go on and on and on about how annoying and fame starved these people are, and yet you go on feeding their famed hungry egos with more and more of such useless articles. Why?


Not a "K" fan by any means, but this one is still a kid. Leave her alone already.


every high school girl is doing these things?


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