Kylie Jenner Pleads For Privacy: Just Let Me Be a Kid!

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So Kylie Jenner has filed a request for privacy on Twitter. It's nothing official, nor did she actually take her account down, but she wants to back off, people!

Yes, Kylie Jenner, whose inappropriate photos along with sister Kendall Jenner have become an online staple, now wants OTHERS to give her space.

Here's a series of Tweets she cranked out yesterday:

  • I made the decision to keep as much as my life as personal as possible while continuing the reality show
  • I'm 16 and still wanna be a kid sometimes
  • So what I'm trying to say is there's a part of me you don't see so don't go judging people if u haven't walked a mile in their shoes
  • When people think they know me
  • On that note it's international day of happiness … I hope everyone has an awesome day

On the one hand, one feels for Kylie and Kendall Jenner, being handed this "career," or whatever the family business empire is, and not by choice.

It can't be easy being overshadowed by Kim Kardashian (or her sisters, or her own mother), and we can understand if she has some issues here.

On the flip side ... come on, now, it's freaking Kylie Jenner!

She has eight million followers and has shown them almost that many bikini selfies. You want privacy, really? This entire gallery screams the opposite:

To be fair, perhaps she's reevaluating things and plans to dial the selfies and overexposure back a bit going forward. Which would be understandable and laudable.

Will she really make her own case for privacy by starting to be more ... private? Being a regular kid without looking for attention and publicity every day?

If she does, good for her. But it's sort of on her too, not us.

Kylie hasn't really seemed like the "let me be a kid, leave me alone" type before, so she has to understand how people wouldn't treat her as such by default.

Actions speak louder than words, girl. Just sayin'.


It is a life of being fake ass plastic people!! What a fake ass reality show!! The mother is a perfect role model .. NOT!!


I think she should learn from these legendary actresses


What a lot of rubbish....You two kids want to have privacy and want to be kids then act like one. From your way of dressing you two definitely don't look like you want to be kids more like you can't wait to grow much more than you own age. If you want privacy then keep in low profile and don't keep posting instagram and selfie yourself to the world!


If u act like a fame whore you won't get privacy.

@ louise

Ha I totally agree!! That why they get payed all that mula!! They pretty much sold out their life of plastic!! Their fake ass people any ways!!


You want your privacy:
1. Keep you clothes on
2. Keep you mouth shut
3. get out of the family publicity business
4. get off the web
5. get a solid occupation
6. distance yourself from attention getters
7. appreciate what you have vs. demands for more and more and more


..........SO DRESS YOUR AGE, honey!!
you're asking for troubles.

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